Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The Warmth of the Sun

Started off the morning with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. "The Assassin" is ordered to kill an atomic scientist who could turn the secrets of nuclear bombs over to Germany. Hogan assumes this will be a straightforward mission, but there's two problems. First, the man doesn't want to share his secrets with Germany and actually wants to leave. Second, obnoxious Group Captain Crittendon turns up again, desperate to help out. The boys find a way to not only give both what they want, but get Klink off their trail as well.

Went straight to work after the episode ended. No trouble there. The only time we were busy today was around 11:30, when we were swamped with the lunch rush hour and had no help. Otherwise, it was pretty quiet. More baggers started coming in around 1, leaving me to focus on pushing carts and gathering the recycling and trash. I would have preferred avoiding the disgusting and overflowing trash can next to the bus stop bench, but apparently they insisted on it being done. Thankfully, two of the teen boys helped me out there. 

I suspect part of the reason for it being so quiet was lovely weather. It was hot and a little humid, but also sunny, windy, and not quite as hot or humid as it has been. This was no day for shopping. We're also at the end of the month; many people may be waiting for next week, when they get beginning-of-the-month money. 

The clouds began to pick up as I rode home, but all they did at that point was cool everything off a bit. Changed and went into writing after I got in. Richard demands to know where his men are and how to get them out of the dungeon. Queen Betty of Hearts says they're traitors, and they'll deal with them later, after she beats Brett at croquet.

Broke for dinner at quarter of 7. Ate leftover chicken stir fry while watching Match Game '76. Gene starts this one off by doing his own version of a robot's walk, which the others tease him about throughout the episode. Grouchy Joey Bishop and soap opera star Lynn Deerfield join in to help a young man sporting a Jim Nabors-esque drawl with the Audience Match "Sleepy __." Later, naughty Betty White messed around with Gene's pants legs again.

Cleaned the kitchen while watching Match Game PM. Sassy Holly Hallstrom of The Price Is Right and Don Galloway join Fannie Flagg, Gene, and the regular to make jokes about what Mr. Hershey covers his bride with. Don ends up helping the contestant in the Head-to-Head with "Report __." 

Made No-Bake Oatmeal-Chocolate Bars as Sale of the Century began. The champ was behind for most of the episode, though he did buy an Instant Bargain near the end. He caught up in a hurry and blew everyone away at the Speed Round, then won 3,000 dollars on the Match the Prizes board.

Jodie recruited one of the neighbors to do the edging and mow the lawn this evening. I was surprised he'd finished by 8...and it turned out to be raining. It was a nice, steady summer shower, nothing noisy or too heavy. I heard a couple of neighbors, including kids, on Jodie's porch. They must have come from a late swim. 

Finished the night online with Recess: School's Out at Disney Plus. TJ Detwiller and his buddies at the Third Street School are looking forward to a summer filled with nothing but adventure...until they all reveal they're going to camp for the summer. Hard-pressed to find something to do, TJ mopes around, bored...until he catches sight of a laser being shot out of the school cafeteria! Worse yet, when he asks Principal Prickley (Dabney Coleman) to check it out, he vanishes before his eyes. He blackmails his sister into driving his friends from camp to help him figure out the mystery behind the strange goings on. It seems this mystery goes back far further than the kids suspect...and if a rogue former teacher (James Woods) gets his way and his revenge on Prickley, it may cost the kids their beloved two months off.

Colorful ode to summer and to the late 60's is weird but very funny if you know anything about the Recess series and characters. The show was popular enough in 2000 for this to actually out-draw the "canon" Disney movie from that year, Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Too bad they're equally forgotten nowadays. If you're a fan of Recess or are looking for a cute time-waster for older kids on their own summer break, you can do a lot worse than this. 

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