Tuesday, July 06, 2021

The Heat's In

Started off a quick morning with Hogan's Heroes and the season 3 episode "Two Nazis for the Price of One." The boys are ordered to London after two generals try getting information from Hogan about an Allied top secret program called "The Manhattan Project." They end up staying to help Hogan keep the generals and a lovely lady from finding out anything too revealing.

Once again, rushed off to work before the episode ended. Things only went slightly better today than they did yesterday. At least the afternoon bagger actually turned up this time. The manager wanted her to focus on the carts and kept me inside for the last few hours. I ended up sweeping the store and helping her put a dent in the carts of returns leftover from the holiday weekend. It's still deadly hot and humid, too. 

When I got home, I changed, then tried to get the TV hooked up to the Internet again. I just couldn't do it, no matter how often I reset or fiddled with it. Finally went looking for the router in Jodie's side of the house; reset it when I found it near the fireplace in the former office area. The TV worked perfectly fine after that.

Got some writing in between messing with the TV. As the procession of the cards begins, the three Card Guards drop to their stomachs before their monarchs. Brett tells her sons that them doing that isn't necessary. They can just bow.

Initially ate a quick dinner at my desk before I got the TV working. Tonight's Match Game '76 began with Charles and Brett bickering over his lack of socks again. While Charles didn't have them, the contestant proved to be wearing nifty red and white striped socks when Gene asked him to take his shoes off, so he wouldn't be taller than him! 

Match Game PM was another late-run favorite of mine. Poor cue-card boy Roger Dobowitz came in for a major ribbing when Gene pointed out how he'd written "parachute" as "pair of shoes." The show ends with Dick Martin happily following Elaine Joyce in her flame-red dress off-stage.

Took down the 4th of July decorations while the show ran. I meant to do it yesterday, but I didn't have the energy after the mess at work and with the TV. Nothing else will be going up for a while besides what little I have for summer. Likely, by the time I do put up anything else, I'll be moving. 

Got the TV going in time for Sale of the Century. The current champ had the devil of a time with the one woman tonight. No one bought any Instant Bargains, but they did pick up money on the Fame Game. In the end, the champ came back on the Speed Round and left everyone else in the dust. He opted to return when he found out that, not only would he get the shopping spree at an expensive LA clothes shop being offered, but he'd be the first one to have a choice from the new Match the Prizes board.

Finished the night at the Watch TCM site with The Time, the Place, and the Girl. I go further into this charming backstage musical from 1946 at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

(Incidentally, the sky rumbled all evening, but to my knowledge, it hasn't rained yet.)

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