Saturday, August 14, 2021

August Heat

Kicked off a sunny morning with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. "War Takes a Holiday" when Hogan and the boys convince the Nazis that the war is over and the Germans lost. Of course, the guys are really trying to rescue several underground leaders the Gestopo's questioning. 

Dashed off to work after the episode ended. No trouble here, other than a few grumpy customers. I cashiered all day. We were busy almost the entire afternoon, but by the time I finished at 5, it died so fast, I was able to shut down without a relief or the need for one.

Went straight into grocery shopping after I finished. The Acme just completely revamped their online reward program. I picked up a few good coupons off the app, including for grapes, peanut butter, ice cream, and a free coconut milk yogurt. Grabbed chai tea off the clearance rack. The peaches I bought from the Acme last week were terrible, so I tried their plums instead. Restocked whole wheat flour, mouthwash, ground turkey, milk, pens, and bananas. 

There was a party going on at the pool and down the street when I came home...but I was way too tired for swimming. Besides, it continues to be hot and humid (though thankfully not to the degree of earlier in the week). I settled for putting everything away, having leftovers for dinner, and watching more Hogan's instead. Hogan and Kinch asks "Is General Hammerschag Burning" when they follow the Nazi official to Paris in order to get a look at his plans for the defense of the city. First, though, Kinch has to convince his lovely girlfriend from high school (Barbara McNair) to play along.

Cuddled up on the couch to watch The Cheetah Girls 2. I go further into the sequel to Disney's girl-power hit at my Musical Dream Movie Reviews blog.

(Oh, and Jodie popped in with pepperoni pizza just as Cheetah Girls ended. I already ate and brushed my teeth by that point. I'll have it for breakfast tomorrow.) 

Finished out the night after a shower on The Roku Channel for Charlie's Angels. As Kris points out, a plastic surgeon (Louis Jordan) is doing more than a few "Nips and Tucks" when Charlie learns he's being forced to redo the face of a criminal. Kris poses as a pushy socialite who wants her husband's face redone; a reluctant Bosley is her hubby. Tiffany poses as a nurse and befriends a nervous teenage girl who just had a scar repaired but isn't sure it's completely gone. 

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