Wednesday, August 25, 2021

In the Heat of the Morning

Started off a quick morning with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. The boys become involved in a little "Monkey Business" when the Dusseldorf Zoo is bombed and animal-loving Carter brings a stray chimpanzee to camp. They adopt him as their mascot and call him Freddy...and are a bit reluctant to let him go when it turns out he's the only one who can deliver an important message.

Work wasn't that busy...but we're still really short on help, especially in the morning. Two of the four morning and afternoon baggers quit, and the head bagger had off today. I mopped up the leaky frozen vegetable cooler and put sandbags down. Cleaned up a soda leak from a broken 12-pack. Went in for one of the afternoon cashiers' breaks. And all that with sweeping the store and gathering the carts. Plus, the weather was the same as yesterday - not humid, but very hot, sunny, and breezy. Thankfully, I did have some help later in the afternoon, though the afternoon bagger kept getting pulled to help the online shoppers.

Went straight home after work and into writing. Marcia seeks out the White Rabbit. He knows everything that goes on in Wonderland...and she likes him. Turns out he, the boys, the Queen and King, Red King, Knave, and Sir Richard are the only ones left. The Queen sent everyone else playing to the dungeon (though she does plan to release them the moment her temper cools down). Brett's hoping to find someone who'll help her and her sons get home...though she does notice the Red King and the Knave near the tarts...

Broke for dinner at quarter of 7. Ran Match Game '76 while having leftovers and a green salad for dinner. Gene fields some very strange answers from goofy Avery Schriber and dry-witted Nancy Culp on what the mad scientist got stuck in a test tube and where all the rats are in America. Meanwhile, Charles gets to help a grateful contestant with "Secondhand __" on the Head-to-Head. 

Put on Match Game PM while doing the dishes and vacuuming and dust mopping. Eva Gabor was thrilled when she got her first answer right...but she didn't understand why "Declaration of Independence" didn't match "Constitution." Bill Daily didn't have much more luck with  "__ to Earth" on the Head-to-Head.

Finished out the third season of Hogan's Heroes as I quickly ran a dust cloth over everything. "Drums Along the Dusseldorf" reveals that Carter, the sweet and clumsy demolitions expert and chemist, is part-Native American. The others tease him about it, but Hogan thinks his newly-discovered archery skills may come in handy to get rid of a truck carrying an important jet fuel.

Ended the night online with more vintage TV episodes. The fifth season Charlie's Angels episode "Angel On the Line" gets a bit bizarre for this series. Bosley and the trio join The Hotline Club, a singles bar with phones on the tables. One of the customers got a menacing phone call and died soon after. Kelly is more than a little unnerved when she receives a similar call and becomes the killer's next target.

It's a cold, cold winter at the 4077th on the sixth season of MASH. Charles Winchester deals with "The Light That Failed" when they have no lightbulbs and he gives his patient the wrong medicine by candlelight. The candles provide more dramatic lighting for the murder mystery Hunnicutt's loaning to everyone at the camp. When the last page goes missing, they all have an idea of who done it. 

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