Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Heroes and Heartthrobs

I was working on my journal in bed when I heard my cell phone go off...twice. I figured it was an especially pesky telemarketer and continued writing. Someone knocked frantically on my door a few minutes later. I was more than a little surprised to see Khai and Finley on my welcome mat, dripping in their bathing suits. Rose brought them over for a morning swim while she cleaned up the pool. Unfortunately, she couldn't get a hold of Jodie to open her side of the house; she may have been cleaning upstairs. I let Finley in, closed the bathroom door so she could have some privacy, and let her and her brother out. 

After that, I spent the rest of the morning watching season three Hogan's Heroes episodes and having whole wheat pancakes and a smoothie for brunch. The guys wonder what "LeBeau and the Little Old Lady" are doing together when he's supposed to be contacting her. Turns out she's really a beautiful Allied agent who is wanted by the Gestopo. LeBeau and the guys have to deflect the suspicion off of her, before the Germans get their hands on the information she holds. 

Hogan's ready to show "How to Escape From Prison Camp Without Really Trying" when the Gestopo take over. Their changes, including questioning everyone and beefing up security, don't make the guys happy...but it does keep 10,000 German soldiers in the area. 

"The Collector General" (Gavin McLeod) brags to Klink about his collection of stolen artworks, which he keeps in a mine. LeBeau is livid over this display of excess and how the Germans ravaged his beloved France. Hogan and the other guys decide to steal the artworks back and make sure they all go to museums where they belong.

Hurried out after "The Collector General" ended. We were busy when I got in at noon, but it slowed down after that, and wasn't really bad for the rest of the day. I still had a hard time keeping up with the carts and outside trash and recycling. The girl who was supposed to help was assigned to online shopping instead, and the head bagger kept ending up in a register. Thankfully, I had more help after they released her and the evening and night baggers arrived, allowing me to focus on the carts and rounding up the trash and overflowing recycling. 

At least it was a beautiful day to push carts. While sunny and hot, it was also pleasantly breezy, and not nearly as humid as it's been the past week. Still went inside on occasion for a drink of water or to cool off.

Had leftovers for dinner while resuming Hogan's. Klink thinks Schultz is "The Ultimate Weapon" when Hogan makes him believe Schultz can predict when the Allies will strike. Hogan's more interested in the attractive woman general who came to camp in order to find out if Schultz really is a genius.

Finished the night with Devil-May-Care after a shower. I go further into this romantic and dashing early talkie operetta and Ramon Novarro's sound debut at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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