Sunday, August 01, 2021

First Time Matches

Overslept and barely had enough time for breakfast and to rush off to work. We were insanely busy almost all day. It's the first day of the month, and a lot of people may have been using beginning-of-the-month money. Bad weather didn't help. It was cloudy, breezy, and unusually cool for this time of year, with showers on and off. Thankfully, the rain didn't become heavier than a light shower, given I pushed carts for most of the day. Had plenty of help, too, with lots of teen and college baggers who work on the weekend lending a hand. Other than a few problems with some errands in the middle of the day, I was in and out. 

Went right home and into writing. Richard profusely praises the King's tarts...but so does the Knave of Hearts. Richard even agrees to guard the tarts for the Queen, so she can have some, too. Brett's more interested in figuring out how to beat Queen Betty at her own game...

Broke for a quick leftovers dinner at 6:30. Listened to the soundtrack from Xanadu as I ate. The movie is one of the strangest films of the 1980's, but it did spin off several excellent songs. "Suddenly" and "Magic" were the hits, but I also like Olivia Newton-John's gorgeous ballad "Suspended In Time," her duet with Gene Kelly "Whenever You're Away From Me," the "Dancin'" chorus number, and the big title song. 

Finished the night on YouTube with the latest Match Game marathon. Having finished out Match Game '90 last week, the owner of the Match Game Productions channel has moved on to the controversial Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour. On one hand, the shows really don't work together very well, and too-goofy Jon "Bowzer" Bauman is far from my first choice for Squares host. (What was wrong with Peter Marshall or letting Gene Rayburn host the whole hour?) Plus, there's no regulars for Gene to play off of. On the other hand, the Match Game segment can be just as funny as the previous and later versions, and we get a showcase for panelists like Alison Arngrim from Little House on the Prairie and game show hosts Pat Sajak and Bob Eubanks who appeared on no other run of either show. 

Arngrin, Phil Baker, Barbi Benton, and old Match Game hands Bill Daily and Jimmie Walker helped liven up the show's first week. The very first episode is especially rare. Several ribald or non-politically-correct questions and answers in both segments pretty much assured that YouTube will be the only place that episode is seen. The others ran on Buzzr in 2018 and 2019. Here's hoping you enjoy the start of this combination of TV's wackiest game shows!

Moved on to a classic Match Game PM episode from 1975. Richard and Charles show off their wide-brimmed straw chapeaus as they invite everyone to join the "Basic Big Picture Hats Society." Brett and Gene are more than happy to try on Charles' hat. Meanwhile, Richard helps the contestant with "__ Robber" during the Head-to-Head.

Tossed in two vintage Hollywood Squares episodes as well. Florence Henderson, Charro, and Ross Martin are among the celebrities joining Paul Lynde (this time in the center square), Wally Cox, and Rose Marie for a night-time episode from 1972. Peter Marshall resumes his hosting duties for this one. Tom Bergenon is the actual host for an episode from 1999...but Rosie O'Donnell briefly gets to take over as host and ask him a question. Whoopi Goldberg, Adam Villanch, and Caroline Rhea are among the wisecracking celebrities here. 

Don your thick gold beards and big picture hats for these wacky excursions into past celebrity! 

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