Saturday, August 28, 2021

Rainy Daze

Kicked off a quick morning with breakfast and another brand-new episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. "Daniel and Miss Elaina Bake Pretzels" with Baker Aker, but first Daniel nudges in Elaina's work area, then Jodi gets too close to both of them to see their work. Baker Aker reminds them that it's good to give people the space they need. "O Gives Daniel Space" when he and Daniel play library. O wants to see Daniel's book, but he wants to read it, too, and then Katarina dances too close when they play outside.

Headed out to work shortly after the episode ended. The Acme wasn't bad when I got in, but it picked up when the rain arrived around 10:30, and didn't slow down until right before I finished. Dealt with a few annoying customers, including a fussy older pair right before I left, but there were otherwise no problems. I shelved candy between customers.

Did my grocery shopping after I got off. Had online coupons for peanut butter, eggs, and brown sugar. Found crab cakes with manager's coupons and huge chicken legs that were really cheap; a stuffed flounder fillet wasn't that expensive. Grabbed summer-themed sugar wafers off the clearance racks and apples on a really good sale. Restocked bananas, milk, and yogurt. 

The rain was down to a light shower as I walked out the door and disappeared while riding home. To my knowledge, it hasn't returned since. It's just been cloudy, damp, and unusually cool for late August.

Threw on the newest Muppet Babies episode while putting everything away. Jill the Frog loves the new dollhouse Miss Nanny set up in the Nursery and really wants to decorate it like she wants to, but the others keep adding their own silly ideas. She poses as the "Phantom of the Dollhouse" to scare them off. Animal loves Tarzan stories so much, he becomes "Tarzanimal" when the kids play in the jungle...but he runs too fast and plays too rough with them. It takes meeting Tarzan himself (actually Sweetums) to make Animal see that no one wants to hang around with someone who plays too hard. 

Worked on writing and other things online for a while. Bill the White Rabbit is scared to death of going anywhere. He doesn't want the Red King to take his "muchness" and turn him into a toy, like he has so many others. It takes Brett and Duchess Marcia to get him moving.

I got so caught up reading, it was past quarter after 7 when I broke for dinner. Hogan's worried that "Klink's Old Flame" may still be in love with him, and Klink's even more scared. She's now engaged to a Gestopo general. Hogan does everything he can to make Klink look like a bounder in her eyes. Hogan is "My Favorite Prisoner" when Schultz arranges for him to romance a beautiful Baroness. Hogan makes use of him and Klink listening in to get false information to a contact under Hochstetter's nose.

Finished the night on Disney Plus with the very strange fantasy jukebox musical Strange Magic. I go further into this literal fairy tale at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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