Thursday, August 12, 2021

How to Avoid the Heat

Slept in this morning and got so caught up reading The Only Woman In the Room, a novel about 30's-40's movie star and scientist Hedy Lamarr, I didn't get to breakfast until nearly noon. Watched Match Game '75 while eating fried eggs and strawberries. Charles and Brett had a great time in the first episode, especially Charles' joke about what football players passed around in the huddle. Richard's given a dummy resembling him from an audience member in the second and treats it as well as he did his own beloved sons.

Spent the next hour or so making more DVD covers. The booklet that came with the first season Muppet Show set worked fine as a cover for that, but the other two seasons needed covers. All three seasons of the 1970's Wonder Woman needed covers and to be moved to the 4-disc DVD boxes. Typing up the Wonder Woman sets proved to be especially complicated, thanks to the discs being flippers, with three episodes on each side. I did a lot of maneuvering to make room for it all.

Broke for lunch at quarter after 2. Checked out Going Places at the Watch TCM app while having a Banana-Coffee Smoothie. I go further into this horse racing comedy featuring Dick Powell and Louis Armstrong at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Snuggled under the green afghan on the futon by the time I'd switched to Tattletales. This time, Mitzi McCall and Charlie Brill and Deidre and James Brown were the winners, just barely beating George and Alania Hamilton. The two men battled it out on Press Your Luck. One of the guys got three Whammies...then came back to pick up a car, among other prizes.

Made a quick English Muffin batter, then worked on writing. The Red King comes over, supposedly to talk to Brett, but really to threaten her. He doesn't like how Brett seems to be buttering up the Queen and distracting her from his attempt to combine their worlds. Brett flat out tells him she has no intention of letting him get close to the Queen.

Broke to attempt the English Muffins at 6:30. The dough didn't really rise enough, so they ended up not cooking right. Match Game '76 went better. We hear funky new theme music as Gene makes jokes about kissing Richard and the others try to figure out what a chef tossed into a tossed salad. 

Went out for a walk around 7. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm tired of sitting inside and eating in front of the TV. It was sunny and blue, but also incredibly humid and still very hot. I still strolled down to West Clinton for a slice of cheese and a slice of supreme (sausage, pepperoni, red onions, sweet peppers, and mushrooms) and a can of Mango Pepsi from Phillies Phatties. Ate it at a picnic table on a quiet, rapidly-darkening West Clinton. Most businesses were closed or closing; only the occasional bursts from the brewery at the end of the block broke the silence.

Finished the night doing dishes and watching more Hogan's Heroes. "Axis Annie" is the German head of propaganda, who wants to record interviews with prisoners for her radio show. Hogan, LeBeau, and Newkirk agree to join her, Hoschetter, and Klink for the interviews in order for Hogan to deliver a message to an underground member. 

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