Monday, August 09, 2021

Dodging the Storms

Began the morning with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. The boys learn "How to Cook a German Goose By Radar" when a new prisoner turns out to be an American general in need of help with a bombing mission. He has to figure out how to direct the bombing. Hogan and Newkirk figure out a way to jack up that amazing new radar invention without Klink figuring it out.

Headed out ten minutes after the episode ended. No trouble whatsoever today. I was on my own for almost the entire afternoon, which meant I didn't really get anything done besides gathering carts and sweeping the store. On the other hand, it was only busy during rush hours. Despite two cashiers calling out, I never ended up in a register, and I did have help for the last hour. 

Heavy black clouds started gathering around at least 3. By the time I got off at 5, they were thick, black, and ready to burst any minute. I sped home, noticing as I rolled into the garage that Jodie's car was in the driveway. Made it in the door just in time. Twenty minutes after I got in and changed, thunder rumbled the house, and it poured buckets down Hillcrest Avenue. The rain didn't last long. The sun came out before I finished on my laptop.

Speaking of the laptop, I did get a little writing in. The Cheshire Catwoman's (Lee Merriweather's) head appears over Brett and Jack, disrupting their tete a' tete. Brett wants to ask Jack what's going on, but he vanishes before she can get around to it.

Broke for Match Game '76 at quarter of 7. The panel rather surprisingly had a hard time with the Audience Match "__ Mary." They did better with a question about what the Frankenstein monster needed a blue suit for and what Unlucky Louie got with a drink at the bar. 

Charles and Brett stuck around for Match Game PM, joined by Marcia Wallace, late ace pitcher Don Sutton, and Vega$ castmates Bart Braverman and Phyllis Davis. Marcia threw out a couple of jokes about how much she and Phyllis (didn't) have in common. Phyllis is a lot more nervous when she helps a contestant with "__ Trooper" on the Head-to-Head!

Sale of the Century continues to skip around. They went all the way to the end of the next major winner's run. She only had one prize left to pick up on the board...but an older lady beat her at the last minute on the Speed Round. The lady won a trip to Jamaica; she said she'd been there before and would be glad to return.

I was too tired for much more than watching a double-length Love Boat episode on Paramount Plus to end the night. Gopher is smitten with a beautiful model (Hailey Mills) and imagines him suavely winning her heart in "The Secret Life of Burl Smith," but his tongue trips him up at every turn. A young boy is caught in a "Tug of War" between his divorced parents (Juliet Mills and David Hedison). Baseball star Reggie Jackson (himself) can't convince anyone he's the real deal, including his "Designated Lover" (Thelma Hopkins). A chauffeur on vacation (John Mills) is "A Good and Faithful Servant" to his employer (Celeste Holm), who is also on the ship...but he really wants to show how much he loves her. 

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