Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Hard Tooths

Started off a fast morning with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. "Happiness Is a Warm Sergeant" when Newkirk gets Schultz drunk on duty while gathering information. Klink angrily relieves him of his duty. The guys make amends by making his replacement look like he's letting prisoners escape. 

Headed off to Westmont for my next dental appointment after the episode ended; arrived with no time to spare. They put my crown on today. Honestly, the needles numbing the side of my mouth hurt more than anything with the filling and drilling. I have one last follow-up appointment with the gum doctor next month, and that will be that. It didn't even cost much co-pay, only 8 dollars. I was once again in and out in a half-hour.

Stopped at Target to pick up sugar. Theirs is probably the cheapest in the area during times when baking items aren't on sale. Grabbed baking powder, which is also fairly cheap there. Stopped at WaWa on the way home and treated myself to one of their sweet French Vanilla Cappuccinos in the plastic bottles and a soft pretzel. 

Had a Banana-Chocolate Smoothie for lunch while watching Match Game '75. Southern belle Mary Anne Mobley, Patti Deustch of the creative answers, and folksy comedian Orson Bean joined in this week for several long, involved stories about her answers from Mary Ann...and several just plain strange answers from Patti. 

Switched to trying a recipe from Pinterest after the show ended. They have a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie recipe requiring melted butter that was quick and easy to make. They came out perfectly after I mixed the dough together just right and tasted just sweet enough. 

Worked on them and put my rent check on Jodie's side of the house while watching Two Weeks With Love. I go further into this charming MGM turn of the 20th century vacation tale featuring Debbie Reynolds and Jane Powell at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Went down for a nap after the movie ended and the cookies cooled on the table. It was the perfect day for it. No one was around. Jodie is still in Cape May, and many families may be at the Shore as well. The neighborhood was quiet. The weather was cloudy off-and-on, windy, and unusually cool for August, in the upper 70's. It was no day for the pool.

Slept for about an hour and a half; got up in time for the second part of Press Your Luck. There was a surprising lack of Whammies in this episode; they only hit one of the two ladies, and then just twice. That could be why the guy who won was able to rack up an impressive total and lots of prizes, including a game bar, golf clubs, an electric typewriter, and a trip to New York.

Worked on writing for a bit later. Richard assures Brett that he has no intention of leaving his men in the dungeon. He just needs to figure out how to release them. The Red King has his own ideas on what to do with all the Guards and others the Queen has imprisoned to have their heads cut off...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Watched Match Game '76 while making veal stew with farm-market fresh potatoes and tomatoes and the grilled vegetables from the party. Dick Gautier happily shows off the poster for the movie he appeared in at that point, Billy Jack Goes to Washington. Meanwhile, Richard is far happier to help a pretty pregnant contestant with "__ Form," after she gets his name right!

Started Blueberry Muffins as Match Game PM began. Fred Grandy sported a cute and dashing newsboy's cap that came in for a couple of jokes in the beginning. He's not laughing as hard when he has to figure out the answer for "__ Foxes" in the Head-to-Head. Meanwhile, Charles shows off his very long list of people he would rather have appearing on the show besides Brett. 

Sale of the Century started off much closer than it has the past few days. Even getting money cards on the Fame Game couldn't help the other contestants. The champ still blew them away at the Speed Round. He went on to pick up a beautiful upright piano on the Match the Prizes board. 

Ran into Craig at the garage as I took out my trash; helped him take out the remaining trash bags from the party. He did confirm that Jodie will be out of town for a while longer. 

Finished out the day the way I began it, with Hogan's Heroes. The boys want "Oil for the Lamps of Hogan" when the Nazis threaten to close the camp and build a refinery in its place. Hogan convinces Klink there's oil under the camp and even tries to get Buckhalter in on the non-existent "deal." 

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