Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Stranger Adventures

Started off a quick morning with breakfast and more first season Hogan's Heroes. It's "Anchors Aweigh, Men of Stalag 13" when London reports the escape sub is out of commission. The boys build a boat in order to get an English pilot out of the country...and then have to explain to Klink what a boat is doing in the middle of the compound. 

Dashed out to work shortly after the episode ended. I wish I hadn't. Work wasn't fun today. A cashier called out; one of the teen boys quit without telling anyone. The teen who was supposed to help me ended up helping stock dairy instead. I did all the sweeping and cleaning spills and most of the pushing carts by myself...and when I did get more help, they threw me into a register to go in for someone going home. The moment another teen came in for me, I ran out as quickly as I could. Partly sunny, cool, and humid weather didn't help. 

Worked on writing when I got in. Richard assures Brett he intends to get his men out of the dungeon. He's afraid of what Queen Betty and the Red King have planned for them. Brett's about to argue him when she sees a flash of grimy red armor in the hedges and takes her leave...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had leftovers while watching Match Game '76. The episode begins with Fannie getting to make the amazing match to "__ Socks." Later, Richard playfully shoves at Gene while he's hamming it up during a Mr. Perriwinkle question, knocking him over! 

Settled down on the couch as Match Game PM began. We kick off an episode featuring Bob Newhart Show cast mates Marcia Wallace and Bill Daily and former Miss Universe Marjorie Wallace with Charles freaking out at Brett over a question involving when to worry about your sexy daughter getting letters. Later, Marjorie helps the contestant on the Head-to-Head with "Chattanooga __." 

We finally had a new champ on Sale of the Century. The previous champ was unseated by a young man who bought no Instant Bargains and blew everyone away at the Speed Round. He picked up a really nifty soda fountain on the Match the Prize board. 

Finished the night on TCM with Captain Sinbad. Sinbad (Guy Williams) is on his way to marry the Princess Jana (Heidi Bruhl) when a Firebird tries to warn him of a trap. The bird is Jana, transformed by the bumbling family magician Galgo (Abraham Sofaer). The wicked ruler of the country El Kerim (Pedro Armedariz) has her captured and Sinbad's boat destroyed. Sinbad gets himself arrested and tries to kill the evil caliph...but it turns out he can't be killed. His heart is kept in a tower, guarded by many traps. He and his men first fight an invisible creature, then a dragon in order to rescue the princess and save her kingdom from El Kerim's tyranny.

This West Germany-made independent fantasy is so bizarre, I'm surprised Mystery Science Theater 3000 never got to it. Williams does seem to be enjoying himself as the swashbuckling sailor, but Sofaer is more annoying than majestic as the bumbling magician who causes a lot of the trouble. Arabian Nights sets and costumes in absolutely glorious Technicolor go a long way to making up for the weird script and for very little of it actually involving Sinbad being a captain. The special effects are more mixed. The fires still look good, but the many-headed dragon in the end is about as obvious a mechanical robot as you can get. 

If you're a fan of other campy swashbucklers from the 50's and 60's, you'll want to jump on the giant eagle and give this one a look. 

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