Saturday, August 21, 2021

Harvests and Crafts

Started off a cloudy morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. "Prince Tuesday Goes to College," and Daniel and his brother Prince Wednesday will miss him badly. Queen Sarah and King Friday encourage the boys to draw him pictures and give him a special rock to show him how they feel. "Daniel Misses Grandpere" after he has to go home, too. Mrs. Tiger helps Daniel make a care package for him, and Prince Wednesday make one for his brother.

(I suspect my brother Keefe would know how Prince Wednesday felt. He watched two of  his sisters go away to college and another move out with her son. Mom did send me care packages, cards, and e-mails at school, especially around Halloween and Christmas. I still have some of the decorations from those packages to this day.) 

Ran into Rose and her tribe cleaning the pool as I went to the garage to collect my bike. They were cleaning up the pool area...except Finley, who swam in the pool. I told Rose Jodie was out of town; she mentioned she'd be home soon.

Headed off to Collingswood for the farm market next. Cucumbers and blueberries are gone, but almost every other summer produce continues to flourish. Saw local grapes and ornamental squash for the first time this week. Got to sample sweet melons and grapes from a man selling grapes and melons exclusively. Elbowed through huge crowds long enough to pick up a long slender lavender eggplant, a red pepper, Chinese beans, feta with herbs, nectarines, zucchini, an ear of corn, tomatoes, and the aforementioned grapes and melon.

Stopped in at WaWa for a drink. Looks like they just put out the fall flavors. I tried the Maple Pumpkin Spice Smoothie. Very sweet maple syrup, but you don't really taste much pumpkin.

No wonder the Farm Market was so busy. Collingswood held its annual Craft Festival this weekend just a block from the Farm Market. Booths hung with leather goods, jewelry, art work of local landmarks, hand-made headbands and hair supplies, stuffed toys, clothes, bird houses, and furniture lined Haddon Avenue. Normally, I don't have the money to buy most of it, but I found a booth selling adorable knitted stuffed animals made by a sweet young woman. I bought a bright red koala for myself, and something else for Lauren when she visits next month.

Waved "hi" to Jodie, who had indeed arrived home, then headed in my apartment to put everything away. Watched Match Game '74 while I worked. Came just in time for the episode where the show's producer Mark Goodson sat in for a late Charles. Charles comes in for ribbing later in the episode too when one of the questions asked what he'd dress up as for Halloween, prompting some ribald answers from those who knew him well. 

Put on The Cheetah Girls: One World as I made lunch, and then as I cleaned the bathroom. I go further into the last "Cheetah-licious" story of the remaining three Girls visiting India at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Listened to the Eddie and the Cruisers soundtrack as I finished the bathroom. I grew up listening to these songs about a Jersey Shore bar band on the cusp of fame who lost their lead singer and songwriter in a car accident and the reporter who wants to learn more. "On the Dark Side" and "Tender Years" were the hit singles, but my favorite song is "Boardwalk Angel," which reminds me so much of sultry summer nights walking the boardwalk in Wildwood. 

Switched to the second season of Hogan's Heroes when I started the kitchen and quickly dusted the apartment. The guys find themselves on "The Swing Shift" when they take job at a local factories to sabotage the cannons. They actually enjoy their work, until Newkirk gets drafted into the German Army and is almost hired by Klink to be a guard. Hogan says "Heil Klink" when he convinces the Kommandant that Hitler wants to promote him in order to get a banker who looks like Schultz out of the country. "Everyone Has a Brother-In-Law," including Burkhalter. His proves to be so competent as Klink's assistant, the guys decide they have to get rid of him. 

Moved into writing after I finished the dusting. As it turns out, Duchess Marcia isn't needed to figure out what to do about the Cheshire Catwoman. She disappears in a huff once Richard leaves. Marcia's more than happy to chat with Brett about everything going on in Wonderland instead.

It was nearly quarter of 7 before I broke for dinner. Made fish and chips - roasted potatoes with maple salmon - and Chinese beans for dinner while continuing with Hogan's. "Reverend Kommandant Klink" has to marry a French prisoner and his beloved fiancĂ©e under the nose of the Gestopo and Major Hochstetter, who think it's all a show. Stalag 13 is "The Most Escape-Proof Camp I've Ever Escaped From" when Hogan and the guys try to convince a British performer who is escaping every camp to make a name for himself to stay put. 

Did the dishes during more new Daniel Tiger. Figured "Tiger Family Lunch" was appropriate for after a meal. Daniel, Dan Sr, and Margaret surprise Mrs. Tiger with a picnic during her lunch hour. Daniel is distracted by a dandelion puff, but his father reminds them that they're there for a family meal. "Dinnertime at Jodi's" features "Pan-Pans" (dumplings with vegetable filling) and Jodi and Daniel setting the table together...but the twins' new electronic toy easily distracts Jodi and Daniel. Dr. Platt is the one who calls them back this time. 

(Oh, and thankfully, despite it being cloudy and killer humid all day, it didn't rain until around 8-8:30. It looks like the storm will mostly miss us; we're just supposed to get rain, not lashing winds or heavy storms.) 

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