Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Goofy Is the Word

Began the morning with a quick breakfast and more Goofy. "Double Dribble" is another world of Goofy sports short, this one for basketball. The run of P.U wants to play, but the coach won't let him in until every alternate is exhausted. Turns out that size doesn't matter when you're determined to get the ball in the net! Goofy has no more luck catching ducks in "Foul Hunting" than he did going after exotic game overseas. He has an easier time bagging his decoy than a living animal.  "They're Off!" returns to sports, this time as the Goofy world shows us the "sport of kings," horse racing. (Skipped "The Big Wash." It's cute, but I have it elsewhere.)

Work wound up being a bit of a pain. I ended up in the register twice for people going on break or home. I suspect the only reason I wasn't in the register longer was I had no help. The kid who was supposed to help me later kept getting pulled to work with the online shopping manager on orders. I spent most of the afternoon running all over, trying to keep up with everything. 

Rushed straight home after work. I didn't like the look of the heavy black clouds building up on the horizon at all. Hurried in the apartment and straight into writing. Brett's fed up with the Red King ordering everyone around. She's also realized by this point that the croquet game is done. The cards walked away, her hedgehog and the queen's are fighting by the rose bushes, and the flamingos wandered off to eat lunch in a fish pond. She figures she'll take the boys back to find out how the Queen is doing with Lee the Cheshire Catwoman instead...but she does notice Ira the Knave of Hearts talking to the Red King by the tarts...

Broke for leftovers at 6:30. Match Game '76 started off with Betty White rolling down Gene's pant legs again while he talked to Charles on the upper tier. Lee Merriweather scooted out to fix his pants...and Bill Daily crawled downstairs to make a grab for her. Later, Charles figures out "Good and __" for the Head-to-Head and claims he's running a taxi service.

Once again settled down with Goofy and my afghan after I did the dishes. The first couple of cartoons on the second disc took us from the "world of Goofy" into Goofy's everyman phase. "Goofy Gymnastics" and "Tennis Racquet" are the last of the sports shorts. "Gymnastics" is in the the same vein as the "How Tos." Goofy buys gym equipment to improve his strength and destroys his apartment in the process. "Racquet" gets back into "Hockey Homicide" turf as we see just how wild a tennis game can get. "Home Made Home" is also similar to the "How Tos." Goofy tries to make his own home during the postwar housing shortage, but everything from the sprayer to the blueprints seem determined to fight him. 

"Motor Mania" was the first short to present Goofy as the suburban father he'd be for most of the remainder of his theatrical solo career. Mr. Walker is the sweetest guy around, until he gets into his car and becomes crazy road hogging Mr. Wheeler. He tries to tell a bear to "Hold That Pose" for his new photography hobby. It's a "Cold War" when Goofy comes down with a cold and has to go home from work. When his wife gets in, she has many, many remedies to get him back on his feet again. He tries a variety of ways to "Get Rich Quick" by gambling...but even when he wins, he loses. (Skipped "Lion Down," which I also have elsewhere.)

Jodie came in just as "Get Rich Quick" ended. She told me I needed to have everything cleaned up and put away by Monday. The house is finally going on the market, and she wants to take pictures. I don't have a problem with the "cleaned up" part, but I need to figure out where I can put the boxes I've accumulated for moving and to get Rose and Craig to pick up the bags I wanted Goodwill to have. 

(Oh, and she mentioned that even if she does manage to find a buyer for the house anytime soon, she won't be foreclosing on it until late October. She also revealed I'm the only one of my sisters who didn't spend her inheritance on a new car. Not only do I not drive, but I used my own money for the bike and the cell phone, and part of the money for the TV and printer came from gift cards. All the DVDs and CDs and dental work and new clothes for me and the dolls I've bought in the past year? Paid for with my money. The only time I dipped into my inheritance money was to pay off my school loans, and it wasn't even that bad. My needs are small, and I prefer it that way.)

Finished the night online after a shower, watching Murder She Wrote on Peacock. I'm surprised to find this ran 12 seasons. I do remember when it was on, but as fond as I've always been of Angela Landsbury, when I was a kid, the show was basically considered for old people. Thought I'd give it another shot now. It's "Murder In the Afternoon" when mystery author Jessica Fletcher's (Landsbury) niece Nita (Alice Krige) is accused of killing the author and producer of a popular soap opera (Jessica Walter). Turns out the woman killed off half the characters on the show and kept pushing away her husband (William Atherton), making her a lot of enemies. The cop in charge of the case (Robert Walden) is convinced it's Nita, but Jessica thinks he's better off looking at the cast instead...

(Oh, and while we're hearing thunder right now, it still hasn't rained. It's just been cloudy and windy for most of the night.)

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