Monday, August 23, 2021

Rain and Trouble Go Away

Started off the morning with breakfast and Blockbusters. Came in as two ladies took on a younger gentlemen. I'm not sure anyone was able to win anything before the show ended. 

(Incidentally, it sounds like Buzzr is moving the 1986 Card Sharks to 10:30 and Whew! to 4:30, leaving Blockbusters for the late nights. Honestly, despite my fond memories, I think they ought to lose the 1986 Card Sharks. They never seem to run more than the first year, and the 1978 version is in prime-time. Whew! and Blockbusters are a lot more unique.)

Switched to the second season of Hogan's Heroes as I made the bed and washed and dried the dishes. "The Tower" is a radio tower the guys need to destroy, but they can't get out of camp, due to General Burkhalter increasing security in the area. Hogan convinces one of the female underground episodes to seduce Burkhalter and Klink, then send incriminating pictures in order to get him to pull the extra guards.

Went back to Buzzr for Match Game '75 as I vacuumed and pushed the Swifter. Started off with Richard bringing tissues to a happy contestant after he helped her with "Grave __" on the Head-to-Head. They skipped the remainder of that week and the first two episodes of the next and moved on to New Year's Eve. Richard's then-girlfriend Jody Donovan gets to show off her gorgeous black pantsuit, while the others await the arrival of balloons and streamers and Charles prepares to pop the big 1975 balloon.

Ran into Jodie while bringing the empty boxes in the living room down to the basement. Turns out, first of all, she doesn't want the boxes down there after all. Rose is clearing out the basement and needs room. Second, the photographers won't be around until Thursday. They didn't want to take pictures during bad weather. 

She couldn't have told me this earlier in the weekend? I would have gotten my laundry done a lot sooner. And I thought she wanted me to help her organize everything. I wish she'd make up her mind. I know, I know, she's having a rough time. She lost her father and her husband last year. Rose does this to me, too. I'm tired of people either suddenly changing their minds and not telling me until the last minute or telling me at all. I have a life too, you know. 

Decided to calm down with a trip to the library...but the library doesn't open until 3 on Mondays. I dropped A Dangerous Engagement in the return box and went for a ride in the neighborhood instead. I hoped to see an apartment building with rooms open or a small house for rent. No luck. The only houses I saw with signs out front were for sale, not rent, and they were all huge old Victorian and Edwardian buildings. I did ride past one apartment building near the hill that goes into Audubon, but there were no signs indicating anything was available there, either. 

Waved to Jodie's son Jesse on the way in. He was mowing the lawn and weeding the garden. Jodie met me when I came in and moved the boxes to the former office/living room area. The photographers will be here at 9 AM. I don't know why she doesn't take the photos herself or get one of her family members to do it and save time and money, but she insisted they had to be taken by professionals. 

Returned to Hogan's while making a Banana-Nectarine Smoothie for lunch. "Colonel Klink's Secret Weapon" is a new guard and efficiency expert who arrives after the inspector general gives Stalag 13 his worst possible grade. He's also making it very hard for Hogan and the guys to do their work. They make use of Klink's cowardice to get rid of him. 

Counseling was at 2 on Zoom again. On one hand, the party for Dad mostly went well, I fully paid off my college loans, and even without my inheritance, I have more money than I've seen in at least five years. The trouble is, first of all, those crazy hours at work and the lack of help have left me exhausted, mentally and physically. I still have no idea where I'm going to go when Jodie does sell the house. All of my friends live far away with their parents. I can't exactly run elsewhere to check out houses and apartment buildings, either. I still like the idea of heading to the Hammonton area, even if I don't live next to Rose. There's also other area towns, like Deptford, Mt. Ephram, and Cumberland, that might prove cheaper than family-oriented Oaklyn. 

She said to continue to research the housing options in those towns. I actually did look seriously into Deptford and Mt. Ephram to move there...two years ago, when I was broke. I have the money for a decent place now.

Headed out to the laundromat around quarter of 4, despite the dark clouds building on the horizon again. Picked up sugar, Tums, cornstarch, and a bottle of Coke at a busy Family Dollar. Spent the time the laundry was in the dryer working on story notes. It was a good day for it. The weather and late hour must have scared everyone off. They were quiet the entire time I was there. I think I saw three people the whole hour or so.

Rain came down lightly as I rushed down Manheim, pushing hard as my legs would allow. I made it just in time. It started raining harder as I put the laundry away. By the time I'd moved to writing, the rain was gone. To my knowledge, it hasn't returned since. It's just very hot and humid again.

Ran Hogan's Heroes while I worked. "The Top Secret Top Coat" was owned by an agent who had important information...but Klink accidentally picks up the coat with the papers. Hogan has to figure out how to get those papers without Klink catching on. 

Worked on writing for a while. Marcia's eager to discuss moral and her opinions on everyone in Wonderland with Brett. She doesn't trust the Red King and thinks the Queen is a bit pushy. When Brett asks her if she knows anyone who can get her home, she suggests they talk to her dear friend Bill the White Rabbit, who knows a lot more people than her.

Broke for dinner at quarter of 6. Had a jelly omelet and salad while watching Match Game '76. After a long series of tiebreakers, the group is just happy when a lady finally wins...though Didi Conn does try to hide when he answer doesn't match. They do better with the Audience Matches "Bit __" and "Let's Make a __." 

Match Game PM was even more fun. We meet a charming gentleman named Leroy who is proud to be from Brooklyn. (He even joked that he wanted to return the Dodgers there!) Marcia Wallace gets to help him win 20,000 with "Twilight __."

Finished out season 2 of Hogan's Heroes as I cleaned up from dinner and took out the recycling. Klink is "The Reluctant Target" when he's shot at after taking a spy prisoner. He eventually changes uniforms with Hogan to deflect suspicion off him.

Finished the night on Paramount Plus with Captain Scarlett. The Captain (Richard Greene) is a nobleman in France, right after Napoleon fled. He fights off highwaymen who attack Princess Maria's (Leonora Amar) carriage, but gets no compensation from her rich fiancé Count Villiers (Eduardo Noriega). Learning that Villiers' is terrorizing the countryside and has taken his own estate, he frees the highwayman and joins him. Scarlett rescues Maria and does away with Villiers during a duel on the road. That's fine by Maria. She wants to join them, too. Even Scarlett's treacherous friend Etienne (Carlos Muziquz) and the Duke's men can't stop this trio from delivering justice for all of France.

Interesting B swashbuckler from United Artists. Amar is the real winner as the strong Spanish lady who'd rather fight with the guys than face another marriage. I like that she's just as tough as they are, and helps get herself out of trouble when Scarlett comes for her in the end. Too bad she retired young; this was her last movie. Gorgeous sets and costumes that manage to recreate early 19th century France in Mexico, too. 

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