Monday, January 24, 2022

As the World Falls Down

Began the morning with breakfast and What's My Line? Came in just as they figured out which golf ball made by a gentleman was a homing device. I was more interested in the stern female police commissioner from North Jersey (wonder how long she worked up there?) and hunky writer and critic Rex Reed. (Who apparently stumped the panel three times, including this one.) 

Moved to Doc McStuffins as I had my black tea. Professor Hootenbergh the stuffed owl nearly has a fit when Doc's Viewmaster Viewie Stewie claims he sees polar bears by the pyramids and the Statue of Liberty holding a fish. Doc gets Stewie "Fully In Focus" while trying to figure out how he's seeing two different images. "Picky Nikki" is a piggybank who will only accept shiny coins and refuses to take Doc's dollar. Doc and the others convince her to try something new after she accidentally loses all of Doc's money.

Rose called as I finished cleaning up from breakfast. First of all, yes, she and her family have continued to be sick throughout the month. Second, when she was up to it, she apparently did some research on the house and the attached apartment...and discovered the "apartment" isn't legal. It's not listed as an apartment, just a part of the house. Not only that, but it hasn't been inspected, not even when the rest of the house was remodeled. No wonder Jodie wouldn't make a real lease or rules. 

Also, she finally admitted that yeah, she and Jodie and I should have sat down and talked all this over last summer. Rose was over every couple of days to clean the pool. We had tons of time. Jodie never discussed it with her, or even brought up the subject of my moving. She kept telling me "you'll probably have to move when I sell the house in January/June, maybe," but never filled in any details on how to do that or where to go if I couldn't find another place. I suspect she assumed Rose would handle everything, including taking me in if I couldn't find an apartment. She's also genuinely terrified of Rose...or more to the point, that Rose will remind her she's bitten off more than she can chew and needs to stop avoiding her problems. 

Hurried out shortly after the cartoon ended. I needn't rushed. We were dead almost the entire afternoon. I spent a lot of the day shelving candy. Once again, we didn't pick up until nearly 3 PM. They sent me out briefly to do carts at that point, which was fine with me. It was too nice to be inside anyway. That may have been one of the reasons we were slow to begin with. The sun was out, the sky was a tickly baby blue, and while chilly, it wasn't quite as bitterly cold as the past few days. Alas, I got sent back inside when the bagger got off break and was nearly late when a customer fussed over her sales.

Went home, changed quickly, and went right back out to do the laundry...and then went back again to get the book I needed to return and renew. And then, when I got to the laundromat, I realized I forgot my detergent. I needed pads anyway, so I bought a very small dollar bottle at Family Dollar. And then when I got back, I realized I hadn't closed the door to the washing machine properly, which means I wasted twenty minutes. At least I was able to return the hat shop mystery novel to the library and renew the other two.

Put on Match Game '78 while making Italian pasta and beans with winter veggies for dinner. Raymond Burr gives a speech in his lovely deep voice in the opening after Elaine Joyce jokes that he never talks. Later on, Brett and Gene demonstrate where her hips are to explain one of her answers, and a contestant strikes out twice in a row on the Audience Matches. 

Let Match Game PM run as I had dessert. We stay in 1978 with the nighttime episode of the infamous week that Brett and her (maybe) ex-husband Jack Klugman appeared on after their divorce. They continue their feuding from the daytime episodes here, while country star Bill Anderson hopes to have more luck helping a contestant with "__ Broken" on the Head-to-Head.

Ran an earlier PM episode while vacuuming and pushing the Swifter. Songwriter Marvin Hamlisch (best known today for the scores of A Chorus Line and The Sting) join the crew as everyone admires the Kwanza t-shirt Isobel Sanford of The Jeffersons wears. (Brett can't resist a joke comparing Isobel's curves to another lady on the show who wears tight print t-shirts, Fannie Flagg.) There's also an argument over whether "meter" should match "parking meter." 

Finished the night on The Roku Channel with Charlie's Angels. Kelly and Tiffany are "Angels on the Street" during the fourth season after a pretty young music teacher is beaten by a local street hustler.  The teacher refuses to discuss or even acknowledge her beating, leading the Angels to go undercover with the pimp and as a dancer at the music school the teacher runs with her father. Not only does the pimp terrorize his girls, but the teacher isn't what she seems...and neither is the toughest of the street ladies, who insists she hates the teacher but can't explain it. 

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