Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Laundry Day Matches

Started off a cloudy morning with breakfast and, since we finally got our first snow of the season a few days ago, Frosty's Winter Wonderland. Frosty's glad to be back with the kids, but he's lonely when they go inside. The kids make a snow woman to keep him company, but she's not "all-livin'" like he is at first. Meanwhile, Jack Frost is jealous of Frosty's popularity and would do anything to figure out the secret of his magic hat. 

Headed out to the laundromat after I ate and did the dishes. Thankfully, they weren't too busy, and Family Dollar wasn't bad, either. I needed sugar, mandarin oranges, and eggs there, and I grabbed a small journal. Worked on notes while my laundry was in the drier. I made sure I kept my mask on and stayed away from everybody.

Went straight into lunch and Doc McStuffins when I got home. "Serpent Sam Makes a Splash" when Donnie's spray toy can't get the water out. Doc finds he's been drinking green apple soda rather than water and reminds him to keep sugary sodas and other things bad for kids and toys in moderation. "Sir Kirby and the Plucky Princess" Persephone have a contest to see who is the better rescuer...but Kirby learns a lesson in feminism and being careful when he breaks while trying to scale a wall.

Donnie's new starfish toy from the fair "Oooey Gablooey Springs a Leak" after he lands in the same rose bushes that caused the bop bag dog to deflate. He panics when he sees his goo gushing out, but Doc and the others assure him it's not serious. Serpent Sam realizes "You've Got a King In Your Tummy!" when he can't spray water after the Wicked King goes missing. Doc teaches him about the importance of watching what you're eating and not eating or drinking anything that isn't food.

Went down for a nap after lunch. I won't get another chance to until Saturday. I am getting better. This time, I only slept for about an hour-hour and a half. 

Worked on writing after I rolled out of bed. The dark woods are scary and full of noises, but Brett and Sir Richard know they have to get through them for their next checkmate. Richard's not entirely happy when he sees signs declaring this to the domain of Tweedle Patti and Tweedle Don. Those two can be...rather strange...he explains as he leads them down the twisting path to their home.

Spent the rest of the night watching the next Betty White marathon on YouTube. By 1975, Match Game was at the height of its popularity as the number one game show on TV...and, in fact, the number one show on daytime TV period. And no wonder. Everyone, Betty included, was all-in on the lunacy. The questions were now elaborate jokes leading up to frequently silly or naughty answers. Most of the panelists tended to have a drink (or two, or five) between shows, leading to the Thursday and Friday episodes often being the wildest of the week. 

By far my favorites here were the first of two weeks Betty and her beloved Password-hosting hubby Allen Ludden appeared on the panel together. Dick Martin's delightfully daffy comedienne wife Dolly also turned up for the first time that week. They added a lot to the insanity, whether Dolly gleefully encouraged people to boo her answers or Betty rolled Gene's pants legs up when he stood to talk to Charles. ("Is this what happens when I'm not here?" her bemused husband asked after she did that.) The week ended with Gene's "I've had Betty" crack bringing Allen down for a chat and Brett and Betty doing their idea of belly dancing when the music department played the wrong music for a contestant to dance.

Other wild episodes included the one where a nervous lady claimed she "fools around," to the delight of Richard, Charles' classic return from Broadway via cable wire and stuffed bird, Betty happily flirting with handsome contestant Ron Vallenti (the week after Fannie Flagg did the same), a question about what Betty does when Allen's on fire, the question about who would play the Beast to Betty's Beauty, the one where the lady in the audience stole Gene's socks, and another wacky question about whom Richard Dawson would marry. 

Come celebrate Betty's life with some of the best episodes of the whole run! And come back at 5PM tomorrow to see how Betty did in 1976!

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