Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Dancing and Matches

Woke up to the phone. Damn it! I just missed the company that was supposed to tell me if I was well enough to go back to work or not. I hated to do it, but I called out one more day, just to be on the safe side. I've caused enough trouble recently as it is. 

Read A Late Frost in bed for a while, hoping they'd call back, then slept for an hour or so. Did more reading and wrote in my journal after I awoke, listening to the plip-plop of melting snow dripping steadily off the roof. 

Since I'd be watching plenty of Match Game later, I went right into That's Dancing! during breakfast instead. I go further into this documentary on the history of dance on film on my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

The company finally called while I worked on the review for That's Dancing! I'm way past the worst of the virus. I haven't had a high fever or chills since Wednesday night, and I never had trouble breathing or lost my sense of smell or taste. Never turned blue (that I could tell) or felt nauseous. I've eaten fine since Wednesday night. All that's left is a mild sore throat, slightly sniffly nose, and tiredness. Nothing worse than your average cold. Yes, I was cleared to return to work on Thursday, after my regular day off tomorrow.

Broke to have orange muffins and an apple for lunch and make chocolate raspberry cake. Watched a couple of Doc McStuffins episodes as I baked. Normally bubbly doll Susie Sunshine has a "Tea Party Tantrum" when she upsets Doc's tea table. Doc has to find out what's making her so cranky. Carlos, Doc's neighbor, is upset when his toy alien breaks after he "Blasts Off!" in his spaceship and it crash lands. Doc repairs the alien and first explains that check-ups aren't so scary, then shows him why seat belts are important - even for toy aliens. 

Doc's the one who gets sick when her mother sends her to bed with a bad cold. The toys figure out how "Doctoring the Doc" and keeping their friend in bed will help her get well. Officer Pete the police car is in "Hot Pursuit" of the Wicked King when he steals Doc's necklace, but he overheats before he can retrieve it. Doc and the others show him why keeping cool in the heat is important. 

Doc goes on "The Big Sleepover" to Alma's house, but she misses her family and the other toys. Lambie, Stuffy, and stuffed bunny Pickles remind her that family is never far from your heart. Chilly learns about not spreading misinformation when he thinks the spots on Donny's new toy cheetah Rita are an illness. Doc assures him and the others that they're a regular part of her skin, and that there's "No Sweetah Cheetah" than Rita.

After all the trouble with Uber Eats last night, I ordered my broccoli and cheese stromboli and bottle of Pepsi from Phillies Phatties, and did it straight through their website, rather than from Uber Eats. That did it. A pleasant young man brought my stromboli and soda exactly on time, and the stromboli was delicious, cheesy and earthy. Worth waiting for. I won't use Uber Eats for restaurant orders anymore, and I'll only use them for grocery orders when I'm sick or can't get to a store. 

Spent the rest of the night watching the second Betty White/Match Game marathon on YouTube. By 1974, Betty and the show were starting to settle into a regular groove. Some of Betty's best episodes from this year were on Buzzr recently, including the week with a sweet and shy Penny Marshall and the first appearance of Janet Finn, along with the 1974 New Year's Eve episode. 

Other shenanigans Betty got up to included getting literally "tied up" with tape by Richard, celebrating her birthday with the panel, hearing Orson Bean answer "nymphomaniac" to a sex question, seeing head boss Mark Goodson sit in for Charles briefly when he was late to the studio and making jokes about what Charles would dress as for Halloween, laughing for seemingly no reason in the opening, and helping Gene scold Richard for tossing Brett's broken shoe out onto the stage. 

Come back tomorrow at 5PM Eastern for Betty's 1975 episodes, including the first of two weeks where she and her game show host husband Allen Ludden appeared on the same panel together!

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