Monday, January 31, 2022

Talks With My Sister

Slept in this morning and read books. It was noon before I finally got rolling. Ate a yummy bulgur and fruit breakfast while watching Match Game '74. Betty White appears in a cameo in the audience, cheering on her husband Allen Ludden. Meanwhile, there's much joking in the opening about Fannie Flagg's sweater with the huge glasses on them. 

Let the next show run while I did the dishes. Glad I did. It started off with everyone making jokes about Gene's plaid patchwork pants, which were horrifying even for the 70's. Richard then lead the group in singing "He Has the Whole World In His Hands" in honor of the hands print on Fannie's latest sweater. (Even Johnny Olsen sounded surprised by it in the opening!) Rich is less happy when Gene ends up in Elaine Joyce's lap to read a question.

Made a couple of texts earlier in the day. Responded to them as the show ended. Craig did give me the name of the neuropsychology clinic he used, but he apparently can't co-sign for me. No explanation, since I know he makes good money at Anthony's. I'm not going to push him and risk further upsetting Rose. Also got a hold of Jessa, who said she'd meet me after work at 2:30.

Managed to get out to the laundromat by 1:30. Thankfully, this time, they weren't that busy. Grabbed trash bags and a drink at Family Dollar, then went back to the laundromat and did some research on my phone. Apparently, there's something called a third-party co-signer where you can get a company to sign with you. The landlord has to agree to it, though. I really hope we can get away with that. I may not have a choice. 

I need to figure out the government sites, too. I keep looking at their websites, but all the low-cost housing is for seniors or the disabled, or it's full. I have no idea where to even sign up for them, or if it would be worth it. It might not be a bad idea to contact PNC and see if they can cover me, or at least give me a letter stating my credit and savings are good. It might be better to have some kind of proof I can pay beyond the financial statements and pay stubs, since they don't seem to be working.

Jessa called while the laundry was in the dryer. She arrived early and was waiting for me. Good thing the laundry only had about three or four minutes left by then anyway. I hurriedly dumped everything in the bag, rushed out, unlocked the bike, threw it all in the basket, and rushed home. When I got in, I put the bag and the box of trash bags inside, then went out and joined Jessa in her car by the snow-clogged curb.

We were going to eat at the Oaklyn Manor Bar, but they're closed on Mondays. We ended up eating cheesesteaks across the street at Phillies Phatties. I explained my situation to her. She's also convinced I should get another job. That would be great, if there wasn't a time crunch. There's no guarantee that I would get a job in a month, and even if I did, landlords aren't going to accept a job that someone's only made money on for a few weeks. They want steady, safe income. Too many people have lost their jobs due to Covid or other factors and relied on savings alone. 

She also can't co-sign. The reason she works two jobs is she doesn't make enough money at either of them to live even decently. And interestingly, she does own her condo, and I believe it's in her name. She's the only person in the family besides Rose and Craig who owns their home. And I've seen her condo. No room there, either. It's small and really very messy, just big enough for them. She did suggest I bring checks with me to viewings to show these people I'm able to pay them.

Went straight online when I went home. I took a lot at that Match Game western fanfic I started a while back. I wonder if I could finish that one. Maybe switching stories would give me a boost. I really wanted to finish Blank In Wonderland, though. I'm more than half-way. 

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had a banana-orange smoothie while watching Match Game '78. Gene and Bob Barker joke about their suggestion a while back of appearing in a show of their own together. (I wonder what in the heck that would have been like, with those two huge hams?) Meanwhile, Patti helps a sweet and shy contestant with "__ Dark" on the Head-to-Head.

Went straight into the PM episode for the week after that as I did the dishes. Soap star Erica Hope and Laugh-In comedian Arte Johnson helps a lady figure out "Bronx __" in the Audience Match. Bronx native Charles, of course, had to demonstrate the Bronx cheer. 

Leaves scatter around the apartment every time I come in the door. I vacuumed and Swiftered them, then dusted whatever I could reach. Watched Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood as I worked. The whole neighborhood is "Looking for Snowball" when the class pet gets out of his cage. Teacher Harriet is beside herself, and the kids are upset, too. It takes everyone working together to figure out where the hungry bunny hopped off to. "Daniel's Neighbors Help" when he and his mother are sick. Lady Elaine takes him home from school and brings them chicken soup, X the Owl brings them books to read, and Mr. McFeely delivers get-well cards from Dan's classmates.

Finished up the night on Tubi after a shower with a first season Charlie's Angels episode. The girls are hired to find a missing antique dealer, but things get complicated when they learn his store was robbed, and one of the items may have smuggled diamonds. Jill joins "Consenting Adults," a computer dating service that's really the front for a prostitute ring, to learn more about the call girl who distracted him while the robbery took place and what her gangster boss is after. 

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