Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Tax Woman

Began a sunny morning with breakfast and a blast from the past. I haven't watched The Backyardigans in ages. The first two seasons are currently on Paramount Plus. I went with one of the few episodes I never found in DVD form, "Quest for the Flying Rock" from the first season. Tasha, Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone find a map that least to a magical rock that'll allow the bearer to fly. They split the map in two, with the girls trekking through the jungle, and the boys making their way across the dusty desert, dodging obstacles along the way.

Went straight into doing my taxes after I finished with breakfast. This is a far easier process for me than for most people. I own no property and have no dependents. I just needed to add the money from the final stimulus check in May and the last of the interest from my now-ended college payments to Turbo Tax. Took me less than an hour. Apparently, the state of New Jersey isn't processing until tomorrow, but the Federal returns are going in now. Looks like I should be getting around 1,000 back, on par with what I got last year and far more than I got in the previous three or four years before that. 

Looked at apartments next. Still nothing. Everything is either too expensive or too far. The only person who has offered me a room is an old high school friend who lives in Cape May. She's a nice woman, and I do remember her aunt and uncle's home in Cape May is lovely, but it's too far, I haven't seen her in years, and I really don't want to live in Cape May County. It would only be if I was desperate. Most government housing assistance is focused on the elderly or those who were impacted by the virus, not single working people like me. 

Tried to concentrate on writing, but I'm having a hard time focusing. There's just too much going on right now. I go back and read what I've written instead of progressing. It's really frustrating. I want to finish Blank In Wonderland and I have plenty of ideas, but it's just not coming out. 

Broke at 12:30 for an banana-orange smoothie for lunch and Match Game '74. Brett's jokes about her and Gene spending time at a motel in Encino dates back to this episode. They weren't, but it made her feel better after her rough divorce/separation from Jack Klugman to say so. Meanwhile, we have dueling Howard Cosell imitations (including from Patti Deutsch) and everyone tries to figure out the Audience Match for "__ Climber." 

Switched to the original My Little Pony on The Roku Channel as I got ready for work. The Ponies are initially delighted to say "Baby, It's Cold Outside!" when it suddenly snows in the middle of summer. They eventually realize this isn't normal, and it's destroying their home. Turns out the source is The Penguin King, who wants to destroy anyone who can't withstand cold weather. It takes his own compassionate son Edgar to make him understand that compassion is far more important for a ruler than a cold heart.

Tossed in an episode of Bluey since I had a little time before work. Bluey sends her little sister Bingo a video while she's in the hospital. "Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound' has Bluey as a little girl who wants a puppy (her cousin Socks). She's devastated when her friend takes ill, but the only way it'll recover is to give up her purple underwear and find someone who has never been sick. The latter is easier said than done...bringing Bluey to the conclusion that everyone gets sick once in a while, and more to the point, they'll recover.

Headed out shortly after the cartoon ended. It was chilly and breezy, but sunny, and I was only working for four hours anyway. Figured I'd be fine riding to work. Though I was originally listed as being a bagger, I pushed carts for a half-hour before they pulled me to take customers. Admittedly, we did have long lines until about 5-5:30, after which it died so quickly, I was able to get off without a relief. Picked up cherry pie topping and Cool Whip for a recipe I want to try tomorrow, shampoo and conditioner, and a salmon fillet with a manager's coupon for dinner.

Changed into regular clothes, then put the salmon in the oven with roasted Brussels sprouts for dinner, along with whole wheat bow tie pasta. Watched Match Game '78 while I ate. Gene's thrilled to kiss gorgeous young Judy Landers from Vega$ as a welcome.  Meanwhile, a young officer is defeated by a lady who gets help with "Run and __" from Nipsey in the Head-to-Head, and we have jokes about Betty handling an elephant on The Johnny Carson Show

Cleaned up from dinner while Match Game PM was on. Ironically, it was the nighttime episode for the just-seen Raymond Burr week. Gene tries playing matchmaker for the single contestants. Brett's more interested in flirting with the guy. Burr's a good player and has a voice that could read the phone book and make me happy, but he seemed rather confused by all the lunacy around him. Later on, Joyce Bulifant seemed reluctant to give the obvious answer for "Joyce __."

Went on YouTube for another German fairy tale movie after pulling Key Lime Cookies out of the oven. This one was a version of Snow White made for German TV in 1992. Here, Snow White is a bit younger than usual, and her best friend is the king's handsome and sweet court jester. The Huntsman wears armor constantly and won't admit to anyone what he looks like without it, and the Dwarfs knew Snow White's mother and mourn one of their own who wished to be more than he was. The second half sticks more closely to the original story, including the witch attacking Snow White before she brings the apple and her awakening by accident, not a kiss. The queen's ending is a bit lighter than either the original story or Disney's version, though. 

And...I lost two apartments. I was turned down for the Audubon duplex. Once again, I just don't make enough money. I'm not good enough, and I never will be. No matter how hard I try, how hard I work, how much money I put into savings, how much I try to explain what dire straights I'm in and what a good, quiet tenant I am, it just isn't enough. No one wants a good, quiet tenant who doesn't make real money. They want a rich tenant who can pay them. 

The realtor suggested I get Rose as a co-signer. I don't know how willing she'd be to do that. We're trying to make me more independent, not more reliant on her. Plus, she doesn't have a job right now. I'll ask her tomorrow and try to point out it's only temporary. 


Linda said...

I was wondering why you didn't ask Rose to co-sign. It is a very common practice here with Hispanic people who are new to the US and do not have good credit scores; they ask a more established relative to co-sign with them.

Emma said...

Yeah, I didn't ask because I'm one of the only people in the family who actually has a job right now. Rose and both of my mothers are out of work.