Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Out With the Old, In With the New

Had a quick start this morning with breakfast and one of the earliest episodes of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. "Prince Wednesday Finds a Way to Play" when Dan and Katerina are pretending to be parents with a sleeping baby and he wants to be a noisy dinosaur. Miss Elaina is excited about her backwards day with Dan and O the Owl. Dan loves it and joins in her backwards dances and games, but O prefers to stay front first. "Finding a Way to Play On Backwards Day" becomes even more important when the kids want to put on a backwards show, but O still insists on being forwards.

Rushed out to work as the cartoon ended. I bagged and pushed carts all day for the first time in over two weeks. As usual, it wasn't really bad until we hit the lunch crowd around noon - one o'clock. Then we were slammed and didn't have enough help. I kept ending up in a register when I was trying to push carts, sweep the store, gather trash, or do anything else. I never did get to the outside trash. 

There was a lot going on in the store today, too. New display cases were installed in the produce department and parts of the bakery. They look great, but they did take a while to refill and to uninstall the old ones. At least we had pizza and soda in the back room. It was cloudy when I went to work and flurried a little around noon, but the clouds started to break up shortly after.

Headed straight home after work. Changed and had a quick dinner while watching Match Game '78. Gene makes jokes about the audience standing in 110 degrees to get into the show in the opening. (Dang. I'd love it to be a bit warmer, but not that much!) They also make jokes about a champ who somehow has 15 children and how the two blondes and Raymond Burr on the lower tier take longer to answer a question than the notoriously slow Charles.

Finally got around to putting together my new computer chair during the second episode of Match Game '78 as Charles "attacked" the soldier who just got the Audience Match right and Match Game PM. It's the most basic Amazon chair and proved to be easy to put together...until it was time to screw the arms on the chair seat. I got them on wrong sides and had to switch them around. After that, there was no trouble. It was a little heavier than the old loose chair with the ripped pad Rose gave me a few years ago, but it rolled much better and had thicker padding. Put the old chair on the curb along with the trash; will probably be able to use the box it came in for moving.

Even Jodie was in a good mood. I heard her talking on the phone as I worked in the hall. (There's too many boxes anywhere else to put a chair together.) She has a new man in her life. I know I've heard a male voice over there lately. I think she says it's an old friend of Dad's. She saw three cardinals on her window this morning and took it as a sign that it's time for her to move on. I actually think that's really sweet, and I do hope her current relationship works out.

Finished out the night online after a shower with Stars Over Broadway. I go further into this dark musical drama with Pat O'Brian and opera tenor James Melton at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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