Friday, January 21, 2022

Chilled Fairy Tales

Began the morning with Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It's "Quiet Time at School." Miss Elaina and Dan want to keep playing train, but Teacher Harriet encourages them to take their naps with the others. After they read or recharge, then they can go back to playing. Jodi and Dan are able to help with "Naptime In Blanket City" when they find her baby brother's lion blanket, so he can sleep.

Went briefly online to check for apartments. Nope, there just isn't much there, even on Craigslist. I e-mailed Collings Ave Apartments again when they said they had a studio apartment open...but then had to explain about my savings and working at the Acme and my not having the income, even though I have money in savings. 

Threw on Match Game PM while getting ready for work. "The eyes have it," or at least the sequined ones on Fannie's orange t-shirt do. Maybe that's why Gene had so many problems reading the first question about what a cowboy wears to bed that annoyed his wife. Later on, the answer to "__ Fisher" probably isn't the one most audiences would be expecting now...

Went to work a little early. Wanted to buy a salad bowl for dinner. It was in the lower 20's this morning, too cold for riding. Once again, I took Uber and had no trouble doing so. The morning driver came in under 5 minutes; the evening driver was at the Acme in under 3. They were both pleasant, professional, and helpful.

Until around 3:30, work was just as quiet as yesterday. Once again, I shelved candy between customers. It picked up considerably during the evening rush hour. While people are glad that we dodged another winter storm, they're not happy about the empty shelves. They claim to understand about the supply problems, and they still complain. There really isn't anything anyone can do. 

Since I was taking Uber home and had an easier way to carry things, I did my grocery shopping tonight. Found two flounder fillets with manager's coupons; I'll have one for dinner tomorrow. Grapes and broccoli are on good sales with online coupons. Almost all spices are buy two, get one. I picked up three containers of ground cinnamon to load into the big jar at home. Had online coupons for coconut milk, peanut butter, and yogurt, too. Bought mozzarella for a recipe later this week. Restocked bananas, apples, oatmeal, brown sugar, mandarin oranges, and vanilla extract. (Had trouble finding the brown sugar on sale I wanted and the canned pineapple. Got Domino's brown sugar instead of the Acme's and skipped the pineapple all together.)

Not happy with my schedule at all next week. Good news is I work earlier. The latest I get off is 6, and that only once. Not only do I also have an 8 hour and a 8 and a 1/2 hour day (both bagging), but I don't get another day off until Thursday...and my last day off was Tuesday! When the heck am I supposed to get my laundry done? What if I need to see apartments? I was told they had no one else they could put those days. While not as many people are out as earlier in the month, there still isn't enough help.

Returned to another episode of Match Game PM as I put everything away. Either ribald answers or a bad tape keep Episode 7 from being seen on TV nowadays. Too bad, as it's one of the funniest of the nighttime run. Richard once again gives an unexpected answer to the Audience Match that actually turns out to be on the board, this time for "Burns and __." Other funny moments include Patti Deusch's answer to where the butcher gets his unusual cuts of meat and Avery Schreiber eating a particularly bad answer.  

Finished out the night on YouTube after my shower. I've loved fairy tales since childhood. I used to spend hours pouring over two books of Grimm's Fairy Tales Mom had during the 80's and 90's. These were the real, unvarnished stories, with all the dark details left out of the Disney versions. When I got into high school and college, I took collections of fairy tales and folk tales from other lands out of the libraries. After enjoying the French Beauty and the Beast from 1946 and the German fairy tales from the 50's on Kanopy, I thought I'd browse around YouTube and see what they had for fairy tale movies from Europe. 

The Salt Prince from 1983 is a German adaptation of a Slovak story, also knowns as Salt Over Gold. King Pravolasv wishes to leave his kingdom to one of his three daughters. He's offended when his youngest child Amelia says he loves him more than salt. Salt is the foundation of life, says Amelia, who is in love with the Salt Prince. Nonsense, says her father. It's common and worthless. He forbids her marriage and exiles her. The Salt Prince's father the King of the Underworld is so offended by this, he takes his son back to their cave dwellings and curses Pravolasv's kingdom so all the salt will be gold. The king is thrilled at first, until no one can salt their food and everything starts spoiling. Amelia not only has to rescue her beloved prince, turned into a pillar of salt, but her kingdom as well when a neighboring kingdom and the peasants threaten revolt.

The 2011 German Cinderella has more in common with the version used for Into the Woods. No fairy godmothers here. Cinderella goes to the ball for two nights, and she wears beautiful silver and gold gowns she gets from a dove house and the spirit of her departed mother. Also, her father is alive here, but under the thumb of his shrewish wife, and one of the sisters cuts off part of her heel to fit the slipper. (And the stepsisters should be glad they didn't go the way of Into the Woods and keep their fates from the original story!) Otherwise, this is pretty close to other Cinderellas, with the cinder maiden in the ashes who goes to the ball and dances with the prince. 

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