Thursday, January 20, 2022

No Snow Days

Awoke to damp streets, but no rain or snow or anything else. There was nothing on the ground but puddles. The snow we were supposed to get must have passed us by or gone south again. The snow finally started as I began breakfast and switched Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

As the oldest in a family of four kids, I can certainly relate to "Margaret Gets All the Attention." Daniel is upset when his mother plays with Margaret, but doesn't watch his jump-the-pavers game, and when his older friend Chrissie plays with her but not him. He has to be reminded that sometimes, you have to wait your turn before an adult can pay attention to you. Prince Wednesday discovers the hard way that little siblings have this problem too when "Prince Tuesday Visits" from college. Dan spend more time with his older brother than him, and then King Friday fixes Tuesday's bike when Wednesday wants him to see what they're up to. 

Snow drifted gently across the hills in the back as I switched to Disney Plus for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. "Sir Goofs-a-Lot" must find a sword, a shield, and a silken banner for Queen Clarabelle. Only then will she make him a real knight. The others help him figure out how to get the sword from a rock and the shield from a windmill...but it's a lot harder to dodge a love-besotted Princess Pete to get the silken banner off the tallest tower!

Headed out shortly after the cartoon ended. The snow fell harder and faster as I made my way down to the White Horse Pike, but this time, it never stuck anywhere. It just looked pretty coming down. I have no idea why I crossed the Pike or thought the apartment was in the neighborhood behind Parkview Towers. It's actually in West Collingswood, on the other side of the neighborhood from the Collings Avenue Apartments. I arrived seven minutes late. 

Thankfully, John Callahan, the strapping owner, was really nice about it. The apartment is much larger than the other two I've seen recently, with brand-new cherry hardwood flooring, a small but new kitchen, a small bathroom with a glass shower door, and new carpet on the hall stairs. There's a stacked washer and dryer in a room just off the stairway. He says the two other people who live under the apartment and over it are really nice and quiet. All the remodeling comes with a price, though. It's a bit more expensive than the last two I looked at, and you pay gas and electric to boot. 

I once again handed him my paperwork and explained my situation. He was polite about it, but he did remind me that he's gotten at dozens of applicants. It takes a while to get to all of them. I likely won't hear from him until Sunday.

The snow was starting to subside as I rode home. Went online for a half-hour to look for apartments, then made lunch while watching Match Game '74 on Buzzr. Charles Nelson Reilly was late (he was "getting his hair nailed on," according to Brett), so head producer Mark Goodson subbed for him. (And for a man who supposedly wasn't crazy about the show's hard left turn into comedy, he did surprisingly well.) Charles came in for ribbing later too when we had a question about what he dresses as for Halloween, while Betty modestly avoids saying the obvious answer to "Betty __." 

By quarter of 1, the snow was long gone. It was just damp and a bit chilly. No snow, rain, or anything else, and everything was clear. I had no trouble riding my bike to and from work normally. 

The weather did scare off our customers. We were dead almost the entire evening. In fact, we were so quiet, I spent the majority of the evening shelving two carts full of candy. I did take customers when we got a little busy around 4 and went in for a couple of breaks, and I had to watch a short tutorial on how to handle the cards that will be replacing the annoyingly hard to deal with WIC checks for low-income mothers on the 25th. Other than that, it was actually one of the easiest evenings at work I've had in a long time. I was in and out.

Put on another early Match Game PM episode while I had dessert. Action icons William Shatner and Lee Merriweather join goofy Joyce Bulifant and the regulars for the third episode of the nighttime series. Richard's thrilled when a contestant says she's there so she can kiss him...and even happier when he gets his chance during the Audience Match. Gene enjoys showing off his telescoping microphone, but has more trouble when Joyce's microphone starts flopping around and he has to fix it.

Finished the night online at the TCM on demand website with The Night Is Young. I go further into this bittersweet operetta featuring Mexican heartthrob Ramon Novorro and British beauty Evelyn Laye at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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