Friday, January 07, 2022

Let It Match, Let It Match, Let It Match

Awoke to a frosting of snow on the ground. It was pretty much the same type of snow we got on Tuesday - heavy, wet, and barely sticking to the ground, let alone the streets. The sides were clogged and the wind was heavy and bitter cold, but the roads themselves were fine. 

Celebrated with breakfast and more Doc McStuffins. It's "Doc's Busy Day" when her toddler cousin Sabrina visits and plays so roughly with her toys, most of them land in her office. She's overwhelmed with the sheer number of patients, until Hallie reminds her she needs to set up a system to figure out which ones need the most attention and needs to take it one at a time. Officer Pete the police car finds himself on the "Wrong Arm of the Law" when a devastated Stuffy catches him speeding. Doc fixes his cracked windshield so he can see where he's going and how fast.

By the time I left for work, it had long stopped snowing, and the sun was trying to emerge. Had to go a little bit slow on my bike, but nothing terrible. At least I made it to work. A lot of people who were supposed to be in early while it was still coming down or came from far away called out. They probably figured the snow would be a lot worse.

The snow was enough to scare people off in the morning. I spent the first few hours and the last hour shelving candy. It didn't pick up until around lunch time, when the sidewalks started to melt and more people were able to get out. Once again, we were busy for most of the day after that. Other than we were also severely short on help, no major problems whatsoever. We had plenty of help by 5, enough for me to shut down without a relief.

Got my schedule during lunch. Not great. While the long hours will make up for losing hours this week, I'm already tired from being sick. People either went on leave due to avoiding the virus or their own surgery or illnesses, they quit, or they went on vacation. We're missing at least 11 people. Monday and Friday off this time, with one unfortunately late day on Tuesday. 

Grabbed a few things I missed after work. Forgot honey last night. Picked up dried cranberries to make cookies tomorrow. The Acme just put a lot of ice cream flavors on very deep clearances. I couldn't resist one more go at the Turkey Hill Vanilla Trio'politan - it was marked down to $1.12!

Since I've eaten at or ordered from Phillies Phatties a few times in the past few weeks, this time, I had dinner at Common Grounds Coffee Shop. Had a nice, quiet tomato, spinach, and feta quiche, two little blueberry tarts, and the Landis London Fog tea latte. Enjoyed my meal in a corner while listening to a couple of teenage girls complain about their lives.

As soon as I got home, I changed, had my ice cream, and went straight into the next Betty White/Match Game marathon. Match Game continued to be wildly popular as 1977 began, but there were changes on the horizon. Richard was doing Family Feud as well, and it starts to show in how much quieter and how tired he is. Gene also mentions in later episodes that CBS had rescheduled them in the morning before The Price Is Right, a move he thoroughly disapproved of. It was the show's undoing, killing their popularity with kids who watched it after school.

 Arrived just in time for Eva Gabor's first episode as the others tried to figure out what a very Irish woman dunked into a vat of green paint. Other good ones included the introduction of a sweet Fillipino contestant, jokes about a pair of beautiful female contestants named Tom and Chris, Betty and the other ladies admiring a towering male contestant with very long hair, and Betty and Gene demonstrating what a snake charmer does for a confused contestant.

Enjoy Betty's journey through the year of Roots and Star Wars! And come back tomorrow at 5 PM to see how well she does with the new set and Richard Dawson's departure! 

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