Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Warm Up the Winter

Began my morning with breakfast and more new Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Daniel's having so much fun with his fish, he doesn't hear Dan Sr. say it's time to hit the Music Shop. "Daniel Listens to Dad" so they can get Dan Sr's trumpet fixed and have a jam session with Music Man Stan. "Daniel and Katerina Listen to Each Other" when Daniel wants to put on a show and Katerina doesn't hear, then he makes a snowy mountain on her purple castle. They learn to listen to their ideas and decide what is right for both of them.

Went online after that. I e-mailed an apartment on the border of Oaklyn and Collingswood near Newton Lake Park originally back at the beginning of the month, but I wasn't feeling well enough at that point to pursue it further. Plus, the apartment is a bit more expensive than the previous two I've looked at. Tried again on HotPads yesterday. Got the owner this time. E-mailed him to say I could see it in the morning tomorrow or Saturday.

Put on Match Game '74 while having leftovers for lunch. Alas, the last two episodes of the previous week are lost, which means we skip ahead to the week with Broadway star Michelle Lee and Laugh-In favorite Artie Johnson. Everyone asks Charles why he's wearing a floral fisherman's hat all week. He hands Gene a card that says he's "heirless," aka he doesn't have his infamous toupee. He gets everyone back for the jokes when he's the one who helps the contestant with "Get __." Richard has less luck in the next episode with "__ Canyon"...and gets soundly booed for missing the obvious answer on that one.

Headed out shortly after Richard gave his wrong answer. Work was off-and-on busy all afternoon. We're supposed to get yet more snow tomorrow. On one hand, it sounds like a bit more than we have been getting. They're saying at least 1 to 3 inches as of this second. On the other hand, that's still not a lot...and it was far warmer and sunnier today and yesterday than it has been, in the mid-upper 40's. Hopefully, it'll do what it's done the last two times we had snow and not stick to the streets.

Found a big package waiting for me on the porch when I got home. I ordered a new desk chair with Mom's 100 dollar gift card from Amazon. Unfortunately, it's not put together. I lugged the box into my apartment. I'll mess with it when I have time.

Since I ate dinner at work, I had dessert while watching an episode of Match Game PM on YouTube. Went with one from 1976, since for some reason Buzzr only runs the ones from 1977 onwards. Gene has trouble with the pop-up question holder in this one. It keeps falling and won't let him get the questions! Meanwhile, Brett's whispering answers into his ear, while Richard tries to figure out the tough Head-to-Head "Fine __."

Finished off the night online after a shower with a second season episode of Hart to Hart on Tubi. It's a "Murder Wrap" when the mummy of an Egyptian prince seemingly comes to life and kills an Egyptologist on the opening of an elaborate interactive museum exhibit. The antique dealer who helped with the show claims the legend surrounding the prince has him eternally searching for his beloved princess...who looks eerily like Jennifer. 

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