Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Baby, It's Really Cold Outside!

Started off a sunny, brisk morning with breakfast and the original Scooby Doo, Where are You? The gang says "That's Snow Ghost" when a Abominable Monster-like "ghost" tries to scare them away from the ski lodge where they're on vacation. They first meet a Tibetan man who claims the ghost is after him in the mountains. Velma and Fred think there's another explanation, especially when they make an interesting discovery at an abandoned log mill.

Worked on apartment hunting for the next half-hour or so. Mary Johnson, who showed me that apartment in Collingswood the week before Christmas, finally got back to me. She doesn't know what happened to that apartment, but she did send me listings for three others. One is in an apartment building in Oaklyn on Bettlewood; two are in a duplex on the White Horse Pike in Audubon. The one in Oaklyn looks slightly nicer than the ones in Audubon, but they're all worth checking out. 

Even as I changed into work clothes, gusty gales rattled my bedroom windows. It was much too cold and windy to take my bike to work today! I ended up calling Uber. Surprisingly, considering the frigid weather, I got rides to and from work in less than five minutes both ways. The drivers were quite pleasant, too, especially the cheery lady who picked me up in the morning.

Work was on-and-off steady for most of the evening. In addition to some people having to feed kids who may be taking classes at home for a while, today is the Acme's Senior Discount Day...and there's a senior apartment building two blocks from the store. We get a lot of people from that building who want to take advantage of the sale, freezing cold or no freezing cold. 

Was pulled two hours before finishing time to push carts. The night bagger got sick and called out for the week. Had no problems pushing carts. It was actually nice to get out in the cold air and move around. I had a lot more trouble with the trash and recycling. They were overflowing, to the point where it took me ten minutes just to get the trash out and keep it from ending up on the sidewalk. The day bagger must not have had the time to empty them. It took me so long, I was almost late getting out.

Got home just in time for the Audience Match on Match Game PM. Bernie "Siegfried" Koppel, by that time on The Love Boat, and Lee Merriweather join Betty White and the regulars for the last nighttime episode before they changed the set and started using the Star Wheel. Richard has one more chance to help the contestant win money on "__ Sitter" in the Head-to-Head.

Finished the night on the Watch TCM website with Rock n' Roll High School. I go further into this wacky 1979 Roger Corman teen comedy featuring the music of punk rock group The Ramones at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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