Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Eye of the Tiger

Started off a quick morning with Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. "Daniel Shares His Tigertastic Car" when Prince Wednesday forgot to bring a car with him to the park. Dan isn't sure about this at first, until his father insists that they can take turns. "Katerina Shares Her Tutu" when she wants to use it to dance as a flower, and Daniel wants it for a lion's mane. Katerina's mom Henrietta reminds them that they can both use it. 

Dashed out shortly after. It was cold this morning and the streets were still messy, but not so cold that I couldn't ride my bike this time.  I thought I was bagging at first and almost swept the floor, but it turns out I was cashiering. I usually bag on Tuesdays. We were relatively busy, probably because Tuesday is Senior Discount Day and the Acme is less than two blocks from senior housing. At least it slowed down enough for me to get out on time.

Went straight home after work. Changed and put on Match Game '78 while having leftovers for dinner. Gene inadvertently gives the answer for the first question, leading Charles to wisecrack that Bob Barker should partner with Richard Dawson on the show they mentioned yesterday instead! Later on, Charles continues the joke as he reads Variety and Patti Deustch actually manages to get almost every question right (and when she doesn't match the contestant, she at least has the definitive answer). 

Patti's winning streak continued into the next episode as I cleaned up from dinner. Gene reads letters from a fan chastising the panel for not being more up-to-date on their music, while Brett admits how much she misses her buddy Charles when he's out directing plays. Later on, the others help them figure out "Harold __" in the Audience Match.

Mom called as Match Game PM came on and I gathered the ingredients for Ginger Molasses Cookies. No, I have not found an apartment yet, and I'm fast running out of options. Right now, it's either I find an apartment who'll accept a third-party co-signer, figure out that government assistance, or get a second job. And if I do get a second job, I'm not going to do what Mom thinks I should do and get a physical job at a store. I'm already dead tired from my current physical job. I'll look for an online job, like transcriptionist. I did sign up a few years ago, but nothing came of it. Maybe it's time to try again. 

Switched to a quick 1980's My Little Pony short as I pulled the cookies out of the oven. The First Tooth Baby Ponies are tired of babysitting the Newborn Twins and take them for ice cream. They're all disappointed when Sweet Stuff explains that the ice cream maker and the toppings maker are feuding because the former thinks his friend stole his top-secret ice cream recipe. The ponies have to convince the two to make up, before it escalates into "The Ice Cream Wars"...and worse, the Newborns get cranky.

Finished the night online with Stowaway. I go further into this Shirley Temple vehicle with her as an American orphan raised in China at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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