Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Mists of Winter

Started off a very misty morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It's "Jodi's First Day at School," and she's very shy and lonely for her old school. Daniel helps find things that are the same about their school to comfort her. Likewise, many things are different when "Daniel Plays at Jodi's House." She and her family wears slippers inside and they knock down dominoes. Daniel still manages to find things that are the same as his home that bring him comfort.

Worked on research for an hour after the show ended. There's a lot of jobs I could do online that would be far less stressful than taking a second physical job. Transcribing, writing captions, editing students' work, virtual office work...the list is endless. I'm just so worn out from my main job, I'm not sure I could handle a second one. There's the time limit, too, and needing time to, you know, actually look for and apply for apartments. Mom says if I take a second job, landlords will know I'm serious.

Mom called just as I broke to get ready for work. She asked me if I'd looked into the third-party co-signers. I intended to during my fifteen-minute break at work. 

Headed out shortly after I finished with Mom. Started out cashiering, but I was pulled at 1 to sweep and push carts. They moved the other bagger to online orders when they were short workers. At least they called in the evening bagger early to help for the last hour. By the time I was out there, the weather was better, too, with sunny or mildly cloudy skies and much warmer temperatures. We were off-and-on busy, so much that I ended up back in a register for a half-hour. It's the beginning of the month, and a lot of people are getting money. 

Hurried home, changed, and went online. Yes, I did do research on third-party guarantors, at the apartment and at work. Unfortunately, they mainly seem to be for big city apartment buildings. Most of them need the landlord's approval, too, or are only used at certain buildings or states. 

I am going crazy. Every time I get an idea, I find six reasons it won't get me a place to live. Every time I think I find the perfect place and they'll be ok with me using my savings, they turn me down or go with a friend or never respond after I send my application. (The owner of the apartment on Taylor Avenue still hasn't responded. The apartment was pulled from all the websites, so I guess it has been rented. I haven't heard from the realtor Mary Johnson, either.) I'm trying not to burn any more bridges or get any other family members angry at me, but nothing seems to be working.

Broke at 6:30 for leftovers and Match Game '78. Gene's not very happy when he finds out his usual telescoping microphone was lost and he's stuck with a shorter one. As Arte Johnson reminds him, it's not so bad to be short. Gene's happier to give a welcoming kiss to the "new kid on the block," soap star Erica Hope. Bart Braverman made his MG debut in this episode, too. Match Game PM was one of the ones from the Betty White marathons a few weeks ago, the one where Jon "Bowzer" Bauman's idea of dressing up his 50's greaser outfit is to add a huge red polka-dot clown tie. 

Made Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins while watching Olym-pinks in honor of the Winter Olympics starting in two days. The Pink Panther and the little man with the mustache from his shorts are thrilled to be on the ski team in Lake Placid, but the little man doesn't like Pink getting all the attention. His attempts at dragging the spotlight away from the rose-hued big cat, from putting an out of order sign on the elevator to using a jet pack on the ski jump, mostly just land him in freezing water. Meanwhile, Pink attempts to out-ski a particularly persistent piano. 

Finished the night online at Tubi with Jack Frost. I go further into this Rankin-Bass bittersweet fantasy from 1979 at a Musical Dreams Movie Reviews entry from Groundhog's Day 2020.

(Incidentally, yeah, the sun came out in time for Phil to see his shadow. Considering it's supposed to get cold again after the rain passes this weekend, I'll believe those six more weeks of winter.)

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