Friday, February 18, 2022

Winds of Change

Started off a quick morning with breakfast and the last Backyardigans episode I hadn't seen in full. Rodeo cowgirl Uniqua and jockey Pablo each insist their horse is the fastest. They compete in a race to see who is the better rider...but all their "Horsing Around" may end with them losing to Farmer Tyrone and his slow but steady burro Molasses. 

Dashed off to work after that. I got incredibly lucky. It poured last night, but despite the heavy and wild wind, the rain was long gone by the time I went to work. Good thing, too. I pushed carts for most of the morning. The sun gradually came out, even as I was pulled inside after another bagger arrived. Spent the rest of the afternoon on a register, dealing with chilly folks looking to avoid the massive gales. At least a manager suggested her son, a real estate agent, might be able to help (even though the listing she mentioned already rejected me). 

I made the mistake of checking my texts during break. I figured Rose would be thrilled that I finally had help, and it wasn't her. Nope. She was angry I still hadn't found an apartment, and now wants me to handle Jodie's lawyer myself. What the heck am I supposed to tell him? I can't say anymore than I have. I am looking for a place. I am doing my best. I'm sorry I can't run off and live with Mom like she wanted, or squeeze into Rose's house. I seriously regret letting this get so far. If we'd all worked together from the start, including Dad before he died, we might have had a better idea of what to do now. 

Went straight into a little bit of grocery shopping after work. I mostly just needed fruit for the week. Strawberries are on a good sale with a digital coupon, and they still have blood oranges. Found a bag of almonds and dried blueberries on the clearance rack. Restocked fish, milk, yogurt, canned pineapple, and bananas. 

Weird schedule next week. In good news, two days off in a row...but they're not until Wednesday-Thursday. A lot of late days, including one until 7:30. And if things get really bad on the 26th, I may have to call out. 

Once again, I didn't want to go straight home. My phone went off three times while I rode down Kendall, but I didn't answer it. I should talk to Rose, but I just couldn't deal with her anger. It's cowardly of me, I know. I'm the one who shut her out. She wanted to see apartments with me, but I figured it would be easier for me to see them myself. I'll bet she could have convinced three or four of those owners to consider me. 

I continued to be frustrated and angry with myself when I called Mom back. As I figured, Mom was not able to persuade her landlord to let her take me in. The previous residents of her house did too much damage. Not to mention, she still intends to go live with my brother Keefe in Virginia sometime before August. I don't know why Rose thinks that's selfish of her. I see it as sensible. Her family is down there, she gets along far better with Keefe than she ever did with Anny, and Keefe has the money to take care of her as she grows older.

We talked so long, Match Game PM was on by the time I got to putting my groceries away and making baked fish and roasted broccoli and cauliflower for dinner. Eva Gabor would be happier to help a contestant from the Air Force with "__ and Proper," if he didn't accidentally kick her toe and take off her toenail while they did it! Meanwhile, Gary Burghoff nearly takes off after the audience boos his answer to what a deli owner puts on all the doorknobs and Eva argues with her answer as to which of his wife's garments a husband would wear on his honeymoon. 

Made oatmeal cookies while watching more Match Game episodes on YouTube. My neighbor called as I pulled the oatmeal cookies out of the oven. They were all out by the time she came over. She basically said the same thing Mom did between cookies. Most of this is not my fault. The Camden County side of the family are dealing with their own problems and can't really do much to help mine. Jodie, Mom, and Rose being at each other's throats has nothing to do with me, either...but I'm caught in the middle. Jodie can't legally throw me out, and even if she can, if this goes to court, it will drag on for ages. I don't want court or dragging or anyone to be angry. I just want an apartment. 

I just wish I knew how to explain all that to Rose. I still haven't called her back. I keep hoping I'll have something concrete to tell her. 

Finished the night with Purple Rain at Tubi. I go further into the first vehicle for 80's pop star Prince at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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