Sunday, February 13, 2022

Super Valentine Bowl

Got a quick start this morning with breakfast and The New Moon. This is the original British cast, singing most of the songs as heard in the 1928 West End production. This operetta about a French aristocrat who becomes a servant to a wealthy ship owner's daughter in New Orleans was Sigmund Romberg's last major stage hit for almost 20 years. The songs certainly helped, including the yearning duet "Wanting You," the intense "Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise," the lovely "One Kiss" for the ship owner's daughter, and the sprightly chorus routine "Try Her Out at Dances." 

It was snowing when I rolled out of bed this morning...but as I figured, the snow never stuck to anything but the grass. The roads and sidewalks were wet, but not icy. It wasn't even that cold. I normally would have called for Uber, but I finished at 5:30. I'd never get a ride a half-hour before the Super Bowl. I took the bike and got a little damp going there.

As you can well imagine, between the weather, the game, Valentine's Day tomorrow, and this being a big birthday month, it was mobbed for most of the afternoon. At least we had a little more help this time, especially later in the afternoon. By 4:30, the lines were long gone. As I told a customer, everyone had rushed home to their Super Bowl and Valentine's parties. I was able to leave with absolutely no problems. 

Went straight into dinner when I got home. Made my favorite black bean dip to go with the last of my Triscuits while watching episodes of Match Game '74. Football player Rosie Grier joined in for the first episode, where everyone had some really interesting answers to a question as to why Prince Valliant wears his hair in a pageboy. 

Gene had an embarrassing moment in the second when his microphone cable got wrapped around soap star Trish Stewart's leg and yanked her clean off her seat! She laughed it off, but Brett gave Gene a good smack while Kaye Stevens chewed him out for not being careful, Richard Dawson asked him to pull up a girl for him, and Charles pointed out the fishing is better on the Santa Monica Pier. 

Tried to get that application for the apartment in Stratford off while watching the Super Bowl on This year's game was a heck of a lot more interesting than last year's. The Rams and Bengals played a rough and intense show. They were so rough, they knocked out three players (including one of the Rams' offensive stars Odell Beckham Jr.). The Rams were down during the second half, but they came back in the fourth quarter to just barely win 23-20.

I didn't have nearly as much luck with the application. I looked for information for two hours on e-mail addresses and phone numbers...then couldn't attach my necessary paperwork. It just would not attach to their website, no matter how hard I tried. I'll try again tomorrow. Research reveals other open apartments in the Stratford area that might be worth looking into as well.

Finished the night after the game and the Password Plus YouTube premiers with a triple-dose of Tattletales for Valentine's Day. It was Game Show Host week in 1976 as Bob Barker, Jack Narz, and Richard Dawson all got to take a turn hosting for Bert Convy while he played with his wife Ann. Barker did the first episode I watched, Nartz the second. Betty White and Allen Ludden appeared on an earlier episode in 1974 with Gavin McLeod and his wife Patty and Marjorie and Pat Harrington. Considering they're usually good at this, Allen and Betty only managed to get one question right in the end.

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