Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Finding a Place to Call Home

Started off a quick morning with breakfast while doing some quick online checks. My friend Kristie did respond. The room is still open, but she needs to clean it out. Truth be told, I consider this to be a last-ditch idea, but once again, I may not have a choice. I also put in a message for a roommate in Audubon. The room was a bit pricey at 900, but the security deposit was cheap, the room seemed to be a good size, and she mentioned a laundry room and big kitchen. 

Rushed out to work around 11:40. The rush turned out to be unnecessary. It was never worse than steady for most of the afternoon. We were too nice to be busy, in the upper 40's. The few times the lines did get long, it had less to do with it being busy and more with us not having enough help. I did tell several customers who asked about me that I was desperately looking for help, and asked the managers about transferring. The night manager said I'd have to see if there was anything open at the Shore stores. I don't know about the tiny Cape May store, but North Cape May or even the huge Cape May Court House store might have something. 

The trouble isn't getting a job there. It's transferring between unions. When I moved up here in 2006, it took me nearly two weeks to start working again because the unions are different. Almost lost the money I made, too. Apparently, you get more for working at the Shore. I had to beg them to keep my then-current salary.

(Also, I didn't know Acme bought the old Super Fresh in North Wildwood. I used to shop there occasionally during long walks when I lived in Wildwood. While the store wasn't huge or in the best of shape, it was much bigger than the one in Wildwood proper. The customer who mentioned it said it had been remodeled and looked beautiful. As I learned the hard way when I lived there, the Wildwood Islands are too out-of-the-way for me to be there on a permanent basis, but if I ever make a day or weekend trip, I wouldn't mind seeing it.)

Got some other numbers, too. A customer gave me the number of a friend who might have apartments for rent. Another manager wrote down the number of the Union and the Housing and Urban Development. I already tried HUD - the vast majority of their apartments are for seniors and the disabled - but I need to call the Union about transferring anyway. 

I still feel like a dummy. Every time I think I have all the answers down, I remember five or six things I didn't think of before and should have months ago. I should have asked about transferring ages ago, but I was hoping to find a place here. I should have called about third-party co-signers ages ago. And I still haven't texted Rose, mainly because I still don't know what to tell her...and I still don't want to fight with her. 

Went straight online when I got home, even before I changed. The lady who owned the room in Audubon responded to my message. I called her right away. Her name is Linda, she's in her early 50's, and she was living with her boyfriend in a townhouse in Audubon...until they broke up after 13 years. She's still trying to clear out his stuff, but she's willing to do it faster. I even offered to help. Her second job is as coordinator for something called Celebrity Boxing, which apparently is "tabloid stars doing boxing in Atlantic City." I'll be seeing the room on Saturday.

Got off in time for Match Game PM and a very quick dinner of black bean dip over romaine lettuce. An adorable little old man contestant who sounded like Wally Cox and called himself "Tiger" turned a lot of heads on the show. Even the young woman contestant next to him claimed they were getting engaged! David Doyle was more nervous when he had to help the winner with "Pawn __." 

Gave the new Mickey Mouse Funhouse a shot while I did the dishes. Here, the "clubhouse" itself, named Funny, talks, moves, and opens the doors for the gang's next adventures. Funny is "Homesick" when he keeps sneezing them into the desert, the moon, and on a snowy mountain, none of which are appropriate for the picnic the gang planned. "Goldfish Goofy" is thrilled when his pet Goldie gets to choose where to go on their next adventure, since she can't play the games the other pets can. She's happier when they all go on an adventure in an underwater world. 

Finished the night online looking up local storage facilities and e-mailing to see an apartment in Oaklyn while watching The Bionic Woman at The Roku Channel. "Assault on the Princess" takes Jamie aboard a gambling cruise liner. The owner, Lucky Harrison (Ed Nelson), is suspicious when she's a stowaway, but quickly falls for her. Jamie's looking for a pair of stolen nuclear energy cells that could explode if they get too hot. She has to try to locate "Iceman," the head of the ring that stole the cells, and dodge a persistent Italian tourist with a crush on her (Vito Scotti), before the smugglers rendezvous with a submarine. 

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