Wednesday, February 23, 2022

A Big Step for Health

Started off a sunny morning with breakfast and, since I'd be getting a shot later, Doc McStuffins. Count Clarence the Magnificent is "The Flimsy Grumpy Bat" when the cardboard toy tries to fly on a windy day and ends up in the wading pool at the park. Doc and the others first try to make him feel more positive about his predicament, then figure out how to dry him off. Rockstar Ruby is a singing toy with a microphone Doc got from a yard sale. She's ready to form "Rockstar Ruby and the Toys," but can't sing when her microphone won't work. She won't admit the problem at first, until the others get her playing and remind her of what she was created to do.

Went into Match Game '74 as I did the dishes. For some reason, Buzzr always skips the last day of the Don Adams week. They went straight into the next week, with comedians Morey Amsterdam and George Kirby and comediennes Jo Ann Pflug and Betty White. The first episode features a few really interesting answers about what Dumb Dora thought the porthole on an ocean liner was and a couple of cracks at Gene's bow tie. Brett makes more clothing jokes about the comedians on either side of her and their colorful jackets and ties in the next episode. Richard has less luck with "__ Rogers" in the Head-to-Head.

Went on the computer for an hour after that to look over my blog. I wanted to see what I missed in the past few months, where I went wrong, and why I couldn't find a place sooner...and not upset my family doing it. This has all been extremely frustrating. On one hand, I really appreciate everyone in the community stepping up to help. On the other hand, I didn't mean to upset Rose or leave her out, but she's the one who hasn't texted me since last week. I wish she'd just reply. I'm hoping she's out of town.

Hurried out for my booster shot appointment around ten after one. Got to the Acme just in time. No wonder I had two days off in a row. There was no line, either at the pharmacy or the registers. Once the pharmacist found my information from when I was vaccinated last April, I sat down, got my shot, and got out in less than five minutes.

I wanted to buy more get well soon cards. In addition to my friend Kristie and her broken leg, another friend of mine is going through rough times at the moment. Linda Young's husband James just had a toe amputated and fractured bones on his spine. I originally took advantage of the wild 72 degree temperatures to check out Five Below, but they only had birthday cards. I ended up riding over to Dollar General for them, with a brief stop at WaWa for a Mint Matcha Smoothie.

Went straight home after that. I'd been texting Brittany and the owner all day. I'm going to sign the lease to officially move at 2 tomorrow. Brittany, one of my next-door neighbors, will come with me as a witness. Why not Rose, the lawyer? Because I still haven't heard from her. Another neighbor said she or Melissa would deal with her. 

I really should deal with her myself...but I'm also not up to her anger right now. On one hand, I shouldn't leave her out. She helped me early-on with organizing everything, dealt with Jodie's lawyer, and did get me the two extra months. On the other, she's the one who threw a fit when I wouldn't move in with Mom. I understand she's concerned about me, but why was that her solution? Because she thought if I haven't changed before now and gotten to a neuropsychologist, I never will? She doesn't think I'm responsible enough to take care of myself, because I relied too heavily on her and Dad for support and didn't manage my money better. 

It was past 3:30 when I finally had a strawberry-banana smoothie for lunch. Watched the second half of Tattletales while I tossed fruit, yogurt, milk, and peanut butter into a blender. One of my favorite couples, goofy Charlie Brill and Mitzi McCall, were the big last-minute winners over the more glamorous George Hamilton and his wife Alana and James Brown and his lady Deidre. 

Press Your Luck got kind of wild today, with no one getting a lot of spins either time and one guy being slammed with Whammies in the first round. It came down to the previous champ and another lady in the second. The older lady won at the last second when she picked up a trip to Tokyo. 

Whew! switched to a celebrity-contestant pairing in November 1979 to jazz up ratings. Southern belle Mary Anne Mobley and Linwood Boomer of Little House on the Prairie paired with the contestants, alternating answering the questions with them and running the Gauntlet. It was a nice try, but I can see why this didn't work. The alternating made an already-complicated game even more hard to follow and the pairs added nothing to the show.

Finally got to working on my fanfic after the show ended. Patti Dee and Donald Dum do not appreciate being poked like waxworks. They're the guardians of the 4th Square for White King Gene, but has no problems letting the others long as everyone listens to Donald's new comedy compositions, and no one sees a broken rattle on the floor....

Broke for dinner at quarter of 7. Heated up fish and roasted veggies while watching Match Game '77. Beloved Broadway star Ethel Merman and Dodgers pitcher and future Atlanta Braves announcer Don Sutton. Gene jokes with Don about his pitching career in the opening. Don's not overly happy with an answer to "__ Practice" in the Audience Match, either.

Cleaned up and cleared out older pans I couldn't use anymore while Match Game PM ran. Charles finally got to kiss a guy on the cheek when he helped him win an Audience Match. Brett's hoping to do just as well with "__ Do You Do" in the Head-to-Head.

Did another favorite Backyardigans episode while packing pans and appliances. "Samurai Pie" from the second season is arguably the most creative episode of the entire series. Master pie maker and samurai Tyrone teaches eager young recruit Austin how to make The Great Pie and please demanding Empress Tasha. Ninjas Uniqua and Pablo will do anything to get that pie, including dodging all the traps set up around the bakery.

Finished the night online after a shower with Carmen: A Hip Hopera. I go further into this MTV movie and the debut film of Beyonce Knowles at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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