Thursday, February 24, 2022

Moving Harts

Began a gloomy, gray morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. I'm not the only one learning about asking for help. Katerina discovers "Friends Help Each Other" when Daniel offers to clean up the tea-party table she knocked over and the water she spilled. O the Owl is upset that the last page of his dinosaur book is missing and he won't know how the story ends. "Daniel Helps O Tell a Story" and make up their own ending.

Switched to Supermarket Sweep as I cleaned up from breakfast. Came in just as they began the sweep. The contestants spent so much time gathering bonuses (including frosting a cake and scooping candy and coffee into bags), none of them had terribly high scores. Pair number 1 did well enough to make it to the bonus round...where they proceeded to win in record time.

Continued with Match Game '74 as I packed up what was left in the living room. We open with many jokes about what Colonel Sanders is starting to resemble. They have more lucky with the Audience Match for "Run for __." Brett complains about the strap on her sandal breaking in the next episode. Richard is so unamused by her complaining, he tosses the shoe onto the stage!

Went to The Roku Channel for Hart to Hart as I packed. Johnathan and Jennifer rescue a young figure skater with her eye on the Olympics and her father from a flaming wreck. The wreck caused the girl to lose her hearing, to her absolute horror. Johnathan and Jennifer turn to the latest in audio technology that'll allow the girl to hear her "Silent Dance," then try to figure out what she and her father witnessed at the skating rink that made someone run them off the road.

My neighbor Brittany finally picked me up shortly after 2. We were at East Clinton in less than two minutes. The lady who owns the house is pretty easy-going about most things. They actually managed to clear out most of their things in the two rooms; I could move in that night if I wanted to. 

And yes, I signed the lease. I think this is my best option at the moment. I can continue saving for other things, like online business and library sciences courses. I'll give it a year, then see where I, the world, and the housing market are next March.

Brittany was going to take me to the bank to get money for the rent, but she had trouble at home. Her husband Ron ended up driving me to Collingswood. I walked into a quiet PNC Bank, got my money for the rent for the next few days and next month, and walked out. 

Went back to my place to pack. I was hoping to sleep at East Clinton tonight...but truth be told, I wasn't ready. I had to pack my clothes and toiletries, the remaining dishes, the DVD player, the CD player, the remaining food, the extra computer paper in the entertainment center, and figure out what to do with the Wii and two bags of donations. Not to mention, I needed to find someone to help move my furniture, bins, and boxes. And I still need to figure out how to explain all this to Rose and ask for her help. 

It was past 6:30 when I broke to have scrambled eggs with mushrooms, and celery for dinner. Dick Martin takes Charles' place in the Match Game '77 episode. Candy bar jokes abound when the Audience Match is "__ Henry."

Cleaned up as Match Game PM ran. This episode got pretty wild, what with Debralee Scott and Bill Daily nearly making out when they had the same answers, Bill sporting a dapper tuxedo, and Brett teasing Debralee every chance. She and Betty continue sniping through "I Don't Do __" in the Audience Match.

Finished the night on Disney Plus with Black Is King. I go further into this lavish "visual album" retelling of The Lion King and salute to black culture and identity at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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