Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Busy, Busy Winter

After the nasty weather we've had off and on over the past few weeks, I was very happy to see sunshine and blue skies when I got up this morning. Put on The Backyardigans as I had breakfast. Tyrone is "Riding the Range" when he heads to Texas for a hoedown. He takes a rope along with him, thinking someone lost it. Someone did lose it. It's Uniqua's jump rope, and she, Tasha, and Pablo end up following Tyrone on horseback, convinced a bandit stole the rope.

Heard from the rental assistance counselor this morning. Sounds like they can't see me until February 15th at the latest. I already asked for that day off for regular counseling anyway. At this point, I mostly just want to ask them if it's worth looking for government assistance. I keep looking and looking and only finding full waiting lists and housing for seniors and the disabled, but maybe I'm missing something. 

Spent the rest of the morning e-mailing about apartments. Put out a second e-mail for the one in Collingswood and sent a request to view the apartment to The Residences at Whitehall in Stratford. I'm so desperate, I may call them tomorrow and see if I can get a viewing as soon as possible. Neither apartment is big, but while they're still a bit pricey, they aren't nearly as expensive as some of the other apartments I've applied for over the past few months.

Broke to change and pack lunch, then hurried off to work. What a mess! Not only were we crazy all afternoon with seniors from the housing two blocks away coming for our Tuesday discount, but we were also out of plastic bags for most of the day. The shipment hadn't come in, and wouldn't until an hour before I left. I used paper bags for most of the day. (In their defense, when we did get plastic bags, they were thicker and much nicer than our usual ones.) Didn't help that a cashier called out, too. 

I got a text from Rose during break, asking me what my plans were for after February 26th. I didn't text her back right away because I didn't know what to tell her. I don't have any plans yet, and I should have figured something out by now. Rose has been after me about not doing better with planning the entire time. I know, I know, I'm an adult. I should be able to make plans and figure out what I'm doing. I need to e-mail Mrs. Stahl and see if I can get a recommendation for a neuropsychologist, too. The ones Craig gave me are in Philadelphia. Mom suggested finding something closer to home. 

I did call Mom later, trying to figure out what to tell Rose. I really don't want to get her upset again. I'm scared I'm going to end up homeless, because I can't stay here, there's nothing out there, and no one can take me in. Everyone keeps saying "something will turn up," but when? When will it turn up, and why hasn't it already? 

Broke for dinner at quarter of 7. Had leftover chicken legs with steamed carrots and green beans while watching Match Game '78. Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Don Sutton and Brooklyn native Jon "Bowzer" Bauman argue over the Yankees' win over the Dodgers in the World Series that year in the opening. The others avoid talk of baseball to figure out "__ Pistol" in the Audience Match.

Let Match Game PM run as I cleaned up from dinner. Gene looked a bit jealous when a young redheaded contestant towered over him. Nipsey Russell had more jokes about a southern lady's Texas drawl, while Dick and Dolly Martin were just happy to sit next to each other. 

Switched to Mickey Mouse's Mixed-Up Adventures while making Lemon Ginger Cookies. Pluto finally gets a busy Mickey to toss a frisbee with him, but finds a birds' nest with three hatchlings when looking for the disc. He becomes "Papa Pluto" and takes care of them until they find the mother. "Happy Valentine Helpers!" roll out a trailer to help everyone with their Valentine's. When they get a huge order from someone named Donald, Daisy thinks she's about to get a giant Valentine's gift...before Minnie reminds her that it's the thought that counts.

Returned to Buzzr for Classic Concentration as I pulled the cookies out of the oven. I came just as a lady broke a record, winning all but one of the prizes on the board, guessing the puzzle correctly, and knocking the champ out of the running. She didn't have nearly as much luck winning the car or with the next contestant, though. 

Finished out the night online watching Murder With Music after a shower. I go further into this B musical mystery with an all-African American cast at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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