Saturday, February 12, 2022

Matches Before the Storm

Started off the morning with breakfast and Paw Patrol's second season. "The New Pup" is liver-loving husky Everest, who helps stranded snowboarder Jake to safety after he loses his phone and backpack over a cliff. Ryder and the other pups take a very long bus down to the snow fields, but they have trouble controlling it in the deep snows, then finding Jake and Everett in the blizzard. 

Spent the next hour working on my finances. I spend about 34 all told on streaming and normally somewhere between 30 and 50 dollars a week on groceries. I know I shouldn't go out, that I shouldn't spend money or do anything, but I do. It's stupid, I know. And recently, I've just needed to get out of the house. It's stupid, I know, spending money when I shouldn't be. 

Headed to work after I put aside the finances to finish tomorrow or Monday. Work was a mob scene the entire afternoon. We're supposed to get that little bit of snow tomorrow. It's highly unlikely it'll do anything but look pretty, but it's still making people crazy. There's also the Super Bowl tomorrow and many birthdays and Valentine's Day parties. Didn't help that we had two cashiers call out, too. There were lines down the aisles until about an hour before I finished. Thankfully, no one was in a bad mood, and there were no major problems. It died so fast by 7, I was able to shut down without a relief.

Went straight home and into a quick dinner. Watched two Match Game '74 episodes while eating eggs with the last bit of mozzarella and red grapes. The first one featured a very pretty contestant in a tight flowered top that was so skimpy, she even turned Charles' head. Richard showed off an old photo of Gene knitting a sock for his radio show in the 40's in the beginning of the second. 

Finished out the night on Peacock with Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart. I go further into this dark and delicate stop-motion romance from France at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.  

Oh, and Match Game Productions (with the help of fellow game show channel owner Sam Mitchell) posted the first two episodes of Password Plus tonight. Elizabeth Montgomery of Bewitched and Robert Foxworth of Falcon Crest were the first starts that week...and Elizabeth showed why when she proceeded to lead her contestants to win almost every round. I think Robert got up there once in the first two episodes. 

Pass the word - here's the start of Allen Ludden's last hurrah and the return of this venerable franchise!

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