Thursday, February 17, 2022

Making Friends

Began a quick morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Prince Tuesday is "Daniel's Babysitter" when his parents go out for the evening. Dan's nervous about them going, but Prince Tuesday distracts him by playing jungle. Even when Dan can't find his beloved Tigey stuffed animal, Prince Tuesday reminds Dan that "grown ups come back." "Daniel Goes to School" and helps Miss Elaina and the others find her missing locket, a reminder of her mother when she's away.

Hurried off to work after that. At least it was a nice day for pushing carts. South Jersey was off-and-on sunny and in the mid-60's. I was able to wear my fleece jacket to work and was actually too warm. Didn't get out as often later when a teen arrived after school to help with the carts. Ended up in a register twice, once for someone's break, and again for a half-hour when we were really busy during the evening rush hour. 

Texted Mom during my first break and told her about the woman I talked to about a room. I was so excited...until I checked my text and saw that Linda gave the room to a friend who was giving up her apartment. Darn it! That's the second room or apartment someone lead me to believe I had, then gave it to a friend at the last minute. I just can't compete with everyone's friends needing homes. 

I was depressed the rest of the afternoon. Everyone keeps saying I'll find something. I told customers at work and my co-workers I need an apartment in a week. They all say they don't know anyone who has a room, or they're looking for one, too. You'd think someone would know something!

Made a lot of phone calls in the back room. Called the Housing and Urban Development office; left a message. I've checked them a hundred times. They never have anything but housing for seniors, the disabled, and families listed, but someone gave me their number, so I called it. Called another number that also turned out to be assistance for seniors; left a number anyway. Called the agent in charge of an apartment I saw listed on the White Horse Pike, across from WaWa. Checked my e-mail after work. Somehow, the apartment was already leased, even though I only saw it listed yesterday. 

I'd had enough. I couldn't go home. What home? I don't have a home. I rode back to Oaklyn after work, hoping I'd see a "For Rent" sign somewhere, or a sign in someone's window, or something. A neighbor said he thought he saw a for rent sign across from the post office in Oaklyn. Though it was getting dark, I still rode across the White Horse Pike to see if I could find it. Didn't see anything, even though I rode up and down the block. It was just getting too dark.

Ran into a neighbor riding by on my way home. She invited me to her house to discuss my troubles. It turned into a party when she invited several friends in the neighborhood, including one lady who came with most adorable corgi named Louis who ate pretzels under the table. The ladies had margaritas; I had white cranberry juice. We all shared pepperoni and mushroom pizza. There were multi-grain chips out, dried fruit, nuts, pretzels, and cheese. 

Turns out that one of the ladies had a sister who also needed a place to stay. Two can live a lot more cheaply than one. At this point, I don't care. I just want an apartment. They looked at two-bedroom homes in Oaklyn while I chatted with the others and told them everything that's been going on. She's hoping we'll be able to see houses together on Saturday, my next day off. 

I got in so late that I didn't have the time to review a musical, but it was worth it. At the very least, I now had something to tell Rose. I don't know how happy she is about it, but it's better than nothing. At the very least, the ladies genuinely wanted to help, and talking to them did make me feel a heck of a lot better. 

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