Saturday, February 19, 2022

What Is Home?

Started off a brisk, sunny morning with a knock at the door. The neighbor who held the party on Thursday was there. She said she'd look up more apartments for Denise and I online and make a few phone calls in the neighborhood. I'd look up apartments as well later. 

Went into breakfast and two episodes of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. "Daniel Visits the Dentist," who happens to be his new neighbor Dr. Platt. She shows him her equipment and explains how she'll clean and polish his teeth to alleviate his fears. Jodi's Nana has a hair salon in part of her home. "Daniel's First Haircut" makes the cub a little nervous, so he watches Prince Tuesday get a trim and Miss Elaina go for adorable braids before he jumps in her moving chair. 

Katarina is sad when Margaret opts to play with her brother instead of her, as she's an only child. Mrs. Tiger reminds her to "Find What Makes Your Family Special." She gets her mother Henrietta all to herself and appreciates the time she spends with her. Dan tries to figure out what makes his family special when he has to talk about the branch for the family tree he created for "Family Day" at the library.

Went online for a few hours after that to do research and find more apartments. My neighbor called twice as I worked. I related the addresses to her. Apparently, she hadn't heard from the other lady who wanted to share a house, but was willing to go apartment hunting today.

It was almost 2 when my neighbor called again. She just came back from helping her mother and wanted to know if I was able to look for apartments. Sure! I didn't have any other plans. I met her at her house as it clouded over and settled in her cozy, dark 70's-esque living room. Showed her the two-bedroom apartments I looked up that morning. One in Oaklyn was already taken, and we needed the busy older lady to see the other two.

She also said for me not to compare myself to Rose or anyone else. I can't help it. She's a lawyer, even if she's not a working one, and I'm not. She had a decent job, at least, and I work at a grocery store. She has a life, and I don't. I don't really want kids (I can barely take care of myself), but I do want a home of my own and a decent job. 

Flurries fell lightly from a pewter sky when we headed out, but the sun was already coming out, even as she pulled down Manheim. By the time she stopped a cop she knew at City Hall to ask him about whether Jodie could legally throw me out, the snow vanished, and the sun was glowing in a watery blue sky. (The short answer, by the way, is no. She'd have to take me to court, and that could take as long as three years to figure out. Which is why I don't want it to get that far.)

We then spent the next hour pulling into the parking lot of almost every apartment building from Oaklyn to Haddon Heights to write down or photograph their numbers or try to talk to their offices. Unfortunately, with neither of us having kids or travel plans, we forgot that this is a Saturday and a holiday weekend. No offices were open. One place did have a room open, or almost open, the Audubon Arms. I need to apply for them. I've applied to and been rejected from most of the apartment buildings in Audubon and Oaklyn. I don't make enough money for them. The only three buildings we saw in Haddon Heights were for seniors.

On the way back, she pulled in at two churches, the Hispanic church in Audubon and the Baptist church in Oaklyn. She pointed out that, not only are church ladies one of the best offline sources of information about a community, but one of them might have an apartment or room I could rent. We did get someone at the second church. They didn't know of any rooms right off, but they'd ask around tomorrow.

Made a quick smoothie lunch while watching the most recent - and last - Muppet Babies episode. "The Muppet Babies Show" has the kids putting on a production for Nanny and their friends on the last day before summer vacation. Kermit does enjoy playing MC, but first he's upset when the kids keep changing their acts, then tries to prolong the show to keep them all from leaving him. 

(And yes, this does appear to be the series finale. Too bad. I was hoping this would run longer than the  original cartoon. The episodes were more consistently entertaining, often better-written, and made more use of other Muppets besides the ones in the '80's show.) 

Went back online, this time to get caught up on writing down everything I've seen or e-mailed or phoned over the past few weeks. It's a lot! And there's things I still haven't gotten to, like looking up more on the Audubon Arms apartment that's available and applying to Scribbr.

Had dinner while watching The Backyardigans. "The Legend of the Volcano Sisters" from the second season is one of my favorite episodes of the series. Luau Brothers Tyrone the Strong, Pablo the Swift, and Just Austin have to appease the angry Volcano Sisters (Uniqua and Tasha), or they'll make the volcano blow its top! Tyrone and Pablo dash off in search of lavish gifts, but it's Austin who knows what the girls really want.

Called Mom after eating pizza from the other night. She's glad I now have more help in the neighborhood finding apartments. She also agreed with my neighbor that once I settle in, I might try checking out some local churches. Religion and faith are very hard for me. I like things you can see and touch. You can even see air when it's windy like today. Faith has never seemed to do me much good. It's hard to believe in anything when you're always making trouble like this. I did try church in Wildwood, but it was mostly families and old people, and I had no one to talk to. Plus, I usually work on Sunday mornings.

Finished off the night online after a shower with The Fearless Four. I go further into this animated adaptation of the "The Bremen Town Musicians" from Germany at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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