Thursday, February 03, 2022

Little Winter Showers

Awoke to a misty, humid morning. Cheered things up with breakfast and Mickey and the Roadster Racers. Minnie has high hopes for showing their friends from Hawaii all the fun snow-based competitions in Switzerland by keeping them on a very tight schedule. Bubbly activities director Heidi keeps leading everyone to activities not on Minnie's schedule. Minnie's upset over everyone ignoring her schedule at first, until an avalanche and fast-moving snow teaches her how to "Snow-Go With the Flow." Hilda Hippo is nervous when she askes the Happy Helpers to help her with her "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" skating show. She wants to impress her old coach, but she messed up the last time she was in the show as a child. "Happy Helpers On Ice!" goes better than expected, until an uninvited guest appears...and really gives Hilda a reason to skate for her life!

Headed off to work as the episode ended. It was showering lightly when I left, so lightly that I rode my bike to work and was only a bit damp when I arrived. I was supposed to be bagging today, but first a cashier called out, then another went home sick. They kept throwing me in the register when I tried to sweep or push carts. In fact, I was in a register for so long, they eventually pulled one of the kids from online orders to handle the sweeping. I took over the carts later after it slowed down a bit, and got the outside trash and recycling done, too. 

(Incidentally, it continued to be foggy and shower lightly off and on for the rest of the evening.)

Went straight home after work. Went into doing a little bit of research on third-party co-signers, along with e-mailing the bank. They can't give me a letter of credit, but they can give me a letter to vouch that I have money in the bank and can pay. Mom called as I fired off the e-mail. Apparently, some apartment buildings in the area do accept third-party guarantors. I was too tired for phone calls, but I did like her idea of calling some of the nearby buildings tomorrow or Monday to see if they would take them.

Broke for Match Game '78 and a scrambled egg, cheese, and mushroom sandwich for dinner at 6:30. Gene's still complaining about the short microphone in the opening. He now insists someone backstage stole it. The others are more interested in helping contestants with "Lend Me Your __" and "Man In the __" in the Audience Match.

Did the dishes while watching Match Game PM. The equipment continues to give Gene trouble. This time, it's the turntable with the contestants that won't move. He has to push it over himself, leading him to make several jokes about being strong. Fannie's happier to meet a fellow gentleman from Alabama; Charles and Brett have more fun joking about him selling cemetery plots for a living. 

Finished the night with One In a Million in honor of the Winter Olympics. I go further into Sonja Henie's first film after her major Winter Olympics win at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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