Sunday, February 27, 2022


Actually, I started off my first morning in my new home with a very quick breakfast. Someone must have dumped out the whole wheat flour cannister before we left yesterday...which really gets me angry. That stuff is expensive. And I still can't find my lunch bag. I grabbed the lunch bag I used to carry snacks on the trains.  At least I still had cereal left.

Hurried out to work shortly after. Even with having to cross the White Horse Pike, I actually arrived five minutes early. Work was off-and-on steady, nothing terrible for a Sunday. It did pick up a little later in the afternoon during rush hour, but other than that, it wasn't bad. Sunny but gale-force windy weather and it being close to the beginning of the month were probably factors. 

Brittany appeared at my register just before my relief arrived. I ran out this morning and left my cell phone in my room. I had no idea Melissa invited me to her birthday party. I was too tired to say no. Besides, Melissa was a huge help with moving. I ended up riding my bike back to Hilcrest when Brittany couldn't fit it in her car. Jodie said I could put it in her garage. (She somehow managed to convince the realtor to let her stay until March 14th!) 

Melissa and Janice's small house was teeming with people when we arrived. Melissa is Italian and wanted Italian dishes for her birthday. We had yummy baked ziti, chicken Parmesan, sausage, and giant meatballs. I appreciate that Melissa thought of me and thinks so much of my writing, but I didn't know many of the people there and felt awkward. I had more fun playing Trouble with a neighbor and Brittany's kids Savannah and Ryan. (I won the first game, Ryan the second after he took my neighbor's spot.)

When I got home, I finally changed, set up the record player next to the TV, and went online. Watched Playmobil: The Movie to make up for missing last night's review. I go further into this action-packed tale of a sister and brother who are whisked into the world of the German toy line at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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