Wednesday, February 09, 2022

What Can You Lose

Started off a sunny morning with The Backyardigans. Uniqua, Pablo, and Tasha may be a biker gang, but they're a nice biker gang who call themselves The Do-Gooders. When Tyrone the mailman loses his mailbag with everyone's Valentines, they take it on themselves to make the "Special Delivery" and bring it back. He assumes they want to steal his mail and tries to escape, leading everyone on a wild chase across the desert. 

That was one of the few good things that happened to me today. Called SEB Realty, who owns the Audubon Arms and the Residences at White Hall in Stratford, among others, to see if the Stratford apartment was viewing yet. Not until next week...and from what the lady said, I may not make enough to afford even a $785 studio apartment. Searched three posts and couldn't find a phone number or e-mail address for the Collingswood apartment. Couldn't find Mrs. Stahl's e-mail address, either, even though I spent 20 minutes searching. 

I wasn't in a great mood when I got to work, and things didn't get any better there. We're still busy and short on help. I'm not sure why we're busy. There isn't the tiniest whisper of rain in the forecast, let alone snow. It's supposed to be sunny and in the 40's and 50's straight through to next week. Most orders were too big to be just for the Winter Olympics or Valentine's Day. President's Day Weekend is next week, and the Super Bowl is on Sunday. 

And I got an angry text from Rose asking me what my plan for after the 26th was and what I wanted her to tell Jodie's cousin lawyer. The truth is...I DON'T KNOW! I'm trying my hardest to find a place. I am doing every single thing I can. I am ONE person. I'm having anxiety attacks at work. I'm so scared, I'm feeling light-headed. I texted her to knock off the snippy comments. I appreciate her getting me these two months, but she's the one who threw a hissy fit when she couldn't dump me on Mom. If worst comes to worst, I'll put everything into storage and move to a homeless shelter. It's not a perfect idea, or probably even a good one, but it's better than nothing.

(She did text me back. I have not texted her, and won't until I can give her a concrete answer.) 

Instead of going straight down West Clinton on my way home, I turned down Manor, then Kendall. There's a small block of apartments on the end of Kendall, down the street from the Tracy Connors Park playground. I couldn't remember the name, and I'd never seen it mentioned online. The wooden sign on the lawn indicated the name is Kendall Court Apartments. I took down the phone number, but the office already closed for the day by that point. I'll call them tomorrow. 

As soon as I got home and changed, I sat down and called Mrs. Stahl. Left a message saying to get back to me the second she could, or send me an e-mail. Then went into researching homeless shelters and long-term hotels. Most of the hotels are in commuter-oriented Cherry Hill and Mt. Laurel and are expensive. Volunteers of America has some branches in the Camden County area beyond Camden. They might be worth calling for suggestions. 

Broke for dinner at quarter of 7. Slid baked "fried" chicken in the oven and loaded bulgur into a pot to boil. Ran Match Game '78 while I worked. Gene shows What's Happening! mom Mabel King his tie with all of the show's "character" names stitched on it. The others try to help Gene figure out the Beatles answer for "Back In the __." 

Sliced carrots, snapped green beans, and tossed them into the steamer as Match Game PM began. An audience that was noisy even for this show cheered wildly for everything said by a very pretty college student...and everyone else. A question about what a seamstress did to her husband with her measuring tape got some especially ribald answers that made the crowd go wild. Charles fled to the back of the set when Gene has to ask him alone a question.

Switched to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood as I cleaned up from dinner and put one container of leftovers in the freezer for later this week. "Daniel Learns to Ask First" when he tries to grab a spoon to use as a drumstick, but Margaret's playing with it. He has to come up with another way to play the drums. He learns "Friends Ask First" when Prince Wednesday grabs the book of nursery rhymes Teacher Harriet was reading the class before they finished, and when he needs blocks to make a house for him and O, but Elaina's using them.

Finished the night online with a double dose of The Love Boat, beginning with the Valentine's Day episode from the sixth season. "The Zinging Valentine" (Claudia Lonow) is a singing telegram girl dressed as a cat who has to deliver a message to a guy (Donny Most) that his valentine is breaking up with him. When she ends up stranded on the ship, he plays pranks on her, then tries to make her jealous. The owner of a temp agency (Don Adams) becomes "The Very Temporary Secretary" when he falls for an editor (Fannie Flagg) who needs help taking down an important article, despite the fact he can't type. (Look for several Get Smart references in this segment, including him walking off with Doc.) A quarter back who has won several Super Bowls (John Amos) has a far harder time scoring with a smart and sensible English lit professor (Jayne Kennedy), but the "Final Score" might be better than he thinks. 

Gopher and Issac hear the call of money in the fifth season when a shy man (Tom Smothers) offers 10,000 to help him find "A Wife for Wilfred." A teenage girl (Denise Miller) is too embarrassed to admit to an old friend (Jimmy Osmond) she has scoliosis and is "The Girl Who Stood Still." A businessman (Dick Van Patten) wants to lose his uptight secretary (Rue McClanahan) and replace her with a more glamorous woman (Judy Landers). He learns to appreciate her in a hurry when it turns out the glamour girl is merely a pretty face and doesn't really know her way around an office in "His Girls Friday." 

Oh, and with the end of The Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour, Match Game Productions is trying something different. He's going to be alternating posting episodes of the Richard Dawson Family Feud, Password Plus, and Super Password, starting tonight with the pilot episode and first episode of Feud. The pilot episode of Feud was filmed on a claustrophobic set that only somewhat resembled the final form. Otherwise, it played pretty much the same. Richard recycled his opening joke for the first episode, which not only looked better, but played better, too. The family didn't do as well with the Fast Money, though. 

It's time to start the Feud and have fun feuding and smooching with Richard Dawson and some of the wackiest families to ever appear on TV!

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