Thursday, March 10, 2022

Bake a Little Happiness

Got a quick start this morning with cornmeal mush and grapes for breakfast. It took me longer to put together than I thought. I just barely got to work on time. 

And that was the worst that happened for most of the day. Spent the morning pushing carts and doing returns. There was another bagger who did the sweeping and cleaning. Went in for cashiers off and on, including for my last two hours. It was dead until the 3 PM rush hour...and then, the lines were down the aisles because we didn't have enough people to deal with them. My last customer was an older woman who complained she could find the buy 2, get 1 free organic blueberries. A manager went to get them...and then she didn't want them because the containers were smaller. I was almost late getting out because of her.

At least it was a beautiful day to ride my bike to work and push carts. While not crazy-warm like earlier in the week, it was a brisk, sunny, and pleasant mid-50's. Perfectly normal weather for early March in southern New Jersey. 

Watched Match Game '75 while I changed and had a snack. Got home in time to see Richard try to help the contestant with "__ Beam" in the Audience Match and Charles making a joke to Brett about her body being like the contestant's. Charles also gets to make jokes about indulgences in certain grassy calming narcotics. 

After doing some chores, I returned to Match Game '77 and had a quick dinner of leftover sausage and vegetables. The contestants just couldn't win. They played three tie breakers in a row and never did get to the Audience Match. That said, Patti Deustch was on fire for once, matching almost every answer from the contestants or at least coming close. 

Took advantage of the quiet after the show ended to finally get around to making muffins for work. Figured I might as well do it while she still had the muffin tin out from making those "pizza cupcakes" last night. I used the peanut butter-chocolate chip muffin recipe I got off Pinterest to get rid of the old peanut butter and chocolate chips. As far as I can tell, they came out quite nicely. Made sure I washed everything and put everything back where it should be.

Match Game PM was on by the time I got back upstairs. Gene brought his daughter Lynne's sweet old dog Trotter on the show, to the delight of animal-loving Betty White. Charles kept complaining about her, but that dog was much smarter (and far better-behaved) than most of the panelists. 

Hit the shower after I pulled the muffins out of the oven, then watched Interrupted Melody on Amazon Prime as Cindy came home. I go further into this biography of Marjorie Lawrence, who overcame paralysis from polio to become a major opera star, at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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