Friday, March 18, 2022

The Warmth of the Sun

Started off the morning with breakfast and...wishing I could see more of it. It was so foggy when I finished eating, I could barely see a foot in front of my face. Figured I'd be better off riding my bike to work. Yes, cars have high beams, but bikes can ride on the sidewalk and the side of the road. With all that and traffic on the White Horse Pike, I barely got to work on time.

That may have been the worst thing that happened all day. We were steady at rush hours, but otherwise pretty quiet. Once the mists lifted, it revealed a sunny day that was too pleasant for shopping. I spent a lot of the time this afternoon standing around. 

That's probably why my hours were cut next week. In good news, two days off, Monday and next Friday, and two days (Tuesday and next Saturday) with only four hours. However, there's also three eight hour and eight in a half hour days. Considering everything else I want to get done, a week or two of fewer hours might not be a bad thing...

It was so nice, I took the long way home down the Nicholson Road after buying snacks for the week. That might not have been the smartest idea. It was quarter after 3 by then, and rush hour just started. I dodged a lot of traffic, including on Nicholson and the White Horse Pike.

Changed and watched Tattletales while enjoying my snacks. This time, Orson Bean and his laid-back wife Carolyn and Milton Berle and his equally funny with Ruth were the big winners, over Amanda Blake and her animal-tamer husband Frank. Press Your Luck let that male champ retire after winning 30,000 in trips and other prizes. 

Talked to Mom during Press Your Luck. We're both worried about Rose. She's been avoiding everyone in the family. Even Keefe can't get through to her. She's not having an easy time lately, either. Her beloved dog Kelsey died a painful death from kidney disease, and she's having trouble with her family, too. 

I really need to stop relying on her so much, and not just because of everything going on. Rose says she'll do things (like give the family free legal counsel), but she has a hard time setting boundaries, and it ends up causing more trouble than it solves. I'll contact Craig tomorrow and see if I can set up a time to take Uber over and pick up the dolls. I don't think either of them should deliver them here. From now on, I hire my own lawyer when I need legal counsel, Uber when I need a ride or to pick up Lauren, and a moving van when I need to haul things. Yes, it'll cost money, but it'll also prove to Rose that I can be independent and make my own decisions.

It was too beautiful to sit inside all afternoon. I headed out after Press Your Luck to run errands. I realized when I got home I forgot to buy a few things at work, including a gift card for Mom's birthday this weekend. Got the money and the card at WaWa. Couldn't find the conditioner I needed at Family Dollar, but I did buy a better planner than the dull pink one I picked up in November and a sympathy card for Rose and her family. (I'll give it to Craig instead of putting it in the mail. If I do that, Rose will just ignore it or throw it away.)

Got home and went straight into writing. Brett helps Patti "dress" in home-made armor for her battle with Donald, while Richard and Jimmie help Don. Marcia points out that it's getting darker and windier...and the weather may have more of an impact on that "battle" than either of the combatants expected...

Broke at 7 for Match Game PM. Debralee Scott got to show off a shapely leg for a question. Modest Bill Daily, who sat next to her, covered it with his jacket! Later on, Brett has a harder time with the Head-to-Head "Dozen __."

Watched Sale of the Century next. It was all about the ladies on this episode from the summer of 1988. They kept going back-and-forth, but the female challenger pulled ahead in the second half after not buying anything. She finally picked up a water ski for her trouble.

Finished out the night on Amazon Prime with The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking after dinner. I'll go further into this one tomorrow; I watched it tonight so I can catch Buzzr's Let's Laugh Marathon tomorrow night. 

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