Thursday, March 24, 2022

Where's the Stormy Weather?

Began the morning with a quick shredded wheat and strawberry breakfast. I debated taking my bike to work, but while it wasn't raining at 8:30, it was also wet and cold. Not to mention, I heard rumbles about storms later in the day. Thankfully, the Uber driver arrived in less than five minutes and got me to work equally fast.

After all that, work was mostly really boring. I think the bad weather scared everyone away. I spent almost the entire afternoon standing around. It didn't start picking up until around 3:30...and when it did get busy, we had lines down the aisles. I was the only cashier there besides the one in the express lane. I also had to clean up two spills, one with help from the young woman in charge of online shopping orders. She also came in for me when my actual relief was late.

At least I had no trouble getting home this time. It was wet when I got out, but not raining. I got an Uber driver in under ten minutes, and he was actually on time. No traffic going home, despite it still being rush hour. 

Changed and had a snack while watching Match Game '77. The poor kid who's innocent answer set off the "School Riot" was brought back, and this time, he actually won the game. A still-annoyed Richard is more than happy to help him out with "Enough __" in the Audience Match, while Patty Duke talks about her five children with Gene. He lost in the next episode to a very amusing southern lady whose enthusiastic response after a series of bad answers brought a lot of jokes from the panel.

Came up for Match Game PM and dinner. Lots of jokes about Gene taking a short nap when he's literally caught lying down in his entrance during the opening. Marcia Wallace wondered if she was taking her own short naps when some of her answers came out more than a little strange. Phyllis Davis of Vega$ belied the dumb blonde stereotype by coming up with some of the best answers of the show.

Switched to HBO Max after a shower for Sweet Dreams. I go further into this soap opera biography of Patsy Cline at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Finished the night with McMillan and Wife at YouTube. This series of TV movies was part of a rotating wheel of mystery movie series NBC ran from 1970 to 1977. This is one of three hits to come from the original series, the others being McCloud and Columbo. Rock Hudson is McMillan, the police commissioner in San Francisco, Susan St. James is his wife Sally, and Nancy Walker is their supremely sarcastic maid Mildred. They're shocked to discover a skeleton in their wall after it's uncovered during an earthquake. The "Aftershock" turns out to be worse than the initial quake when several shady characters beg to buy their home and a Lloyds of London insurer (Richard Dawson) shows up, claiming that there's a fortune in emeralds hidden in their wall. Turns out the emeralds lead to a trail of smuggling and deception...and a mysterious mercenary whom everyone talks about, but no one seems to recognize. 

(And I enjoyed that so much, I may have to look up some of NBC's other mystery movie series. Even some of the short-lived ones, like The Snoop Sisters and Banacek, look like fun.)

(Oh, and once again, it did rain...around 10 PM, by which time I was chatting with other game show fans on the Super Password premiere. And while the shower was pretty heavy, I never heard any thunder.)

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Linda said...

Definitely check out THE SNOOP SISTERS and BANACEK. I have both the DVD sets. There are only four "snoops" plus the pilot, but Helen Hayes and Mildred Natwick are delightful, and I love Lou Antonio as Barney.