Monday, March 07, 2022

Storms and Angels

Got a quick start to a semi-cloudy morning with more steel-cut oats and peanut butter. Didn't get going until late...and didn't realize how windy it was! Thankfully, it was also warm. Dodged kids on their way to school as I hurried to work. Arrived just in time.

That was the worst that happened all day. Spent most of a very warm and extremely windy afternoon pushing carts and sweeping the store. I had to take a customer once briefly when we had lines down the aisles during the 3 PM rush hour. We simply didn't have enough help to deal with everyone. Helped a woman out to her car, too. Other than that, there were no major problems. Grabbed brownie cookies and two bags of Smash Mallows - one cookie dough, one coffee dipped in dark chocolate - during break for dessert.

Heavy black clouds continued to build all day, and it remained humid and too warm for this time of year. It started raining around 3 as I ducked inside to sweep the store. Thankfully, by the time I finished my shift, the rain was long gone. Considering the ground was only mildly damp, I don't think it rained for very long, either. 

Watched Match Game '77 as I changed and ate. Scoey Mitchilll decides he needs to go to the bathroom in the middle of a question and takes off. Meanwhile, the others help the contestant with the Audience Match for "Cat's __." They do no better with "Put __" in the next episode, but do have fun giving ribald answers to what the Bionic Woman had that landed her in the shop.

Put away everything that belonged in the desk while Match Game PM ran. Debralee Scott happily flirts with a handsome single contestant who went on to become a well-known racetrack announcer with NBC Sports and in New York. Dyn-o-mite Jimmie Walker is a lot more nervous when he has to help the contestant win $10,000 with "__ Gonzales." (And the contestant doesn't give the answer you might think.) He has more fun showing off his fashionable wide-lapeled suit earlier in the episode.

Switched to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood as I moved the printer table into the bedroom, set up the printer, and put away the folders that belonged in the printer table.  "Daniel and O Make a Plan" when the rain sends them inside to make their own "trolley" trip to the beach and garden. They can't decide where to go first, until they make a map and plan their route. "Daniel's Puppet Show" also requires a lot of careful planning. He, O, and Miss Elaina have to decide what story they want to tell, what puppets they want to make, and what song to sing together.

Finished the night online with Charlie's Angels as I wrote thank-you cards for everyone who helped me move. Kris becomes an "Angel In a Box" when she's kidnapped by a man who wanted Jill and taken to a resort hotel. Jill and the other two take jobs at the hotel to figure out what the man wants and why he's after the Munroe sisters. 

And...whoa! Shortly after I finished setting up the printer, the wind, which had been heavy all day, suddenly whipped into a frenzy. I could hear the wind rattle my one window and the ran slam against the roof. It seems to have slowed down now, but it is much chillier on my bedroom now. 

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