Friday, March 04, 2022

Matches and Harts

Kicked off my morning with a quick steel cut oats breakfast. After the mess I made yesterday, I did it the old-fashioned way with a pot. That worked just fine. Washed everything, then hurried out to work.

Work was busy the entire afternoon. It's the first Friday of the month, and we're still getting people spending government money. Families bought huge orders requiring multiple carts. One order came up to over $950 worth of food! Some others were up to over $550. People still aren't in the best moods, either. Others had to put back part of those orders because they simply didn't have enough money. And we still don't have anywhere near enough help to deal with them all. Thank goodness I shut down fast enough to get out just in time.

Got my schedule before my break. In good news, two days off this time, and they're more spread out. Bad news is, I work early and 8 1/2 hours almost all week, and mostly bagging. I'd appreciate the extra hours more if they weren't so exhausting...or if we had more help. 

After I got home, I went straight upstairs and rearranged furniture. I thought my desk would work better in the bedroom. The bedroom is smaller, but I'd make less noise that way. Moved two shelves into the front room for books and records. Unloaded a small box of items that were on the (now stored) antique dresser and dropped a box of toiletries in the front room closet.

Put on Match Game '75 while I worked. Dick Gautier and Melinda Fee join Betty White and the regulars first to answer "Jack of __" in the Audience Match and figure out a rather tasteless (even for this show) joke about Joan of Arc. The second episode featured a very expectant mother whose constant movement made Gene and the panelists rather nervous. Richard was happier to help her with the Head-to-Head and win money for her unborn child. 

Decided the low sage-green shelf I salvaged from Dad's house was just the right size to make a perfect night stand. Hauled that into place as Buzzr moved on to Match Game '77. Dick Smothers and Meg Bennett finished their week seeing Fannie Flagg get a standing ovation for her answer to a question. Fannie stuck around for the next episode, joined by Elaine Joyce and tough guy Scoey Mtichilll. "Huey __" proved to be an especially tough Audience Match for them. The top answer was a surprise to the panelists...but not really to me.

Went downstairs to grab leftovers, then came up for Match Game PM. This was one of my favorite later episodes of the nighttime show. Gene teases producer/cue card boy Roger Dobowitz when he interprets a contestant's "parachute" answer as "pair of shoes." At the end of the show, Elaine heads offstage...and Dick Martin strips down to follow her!

(Oh, and a commercial revealed that the "Let's Laugh" marathon will be returning this year, along with a second TV's Funniest Game Show Moments special. Considering I loved last year's marathon, I'm looking forward to it.)

Finished the night online after a shower with Hart to Hart. The Harts experience "Night Horrors" when they visit friends who intentionally bought a haunted house. They send a group of very eccentric guests to find a box of jewels supposedly lost by the previous owner. Turns out someone would literally kill for those gems, including taking out one of the guests who tried to steal what they thought was a diamond. With spooky secret passages and a less-than-trustworthy butler, the episode almost seemed more like a short Murder By Death than the usual show. 

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