Saturday, March 26, 2022

Dolls On a Windy Day

Got a quick start with breakfast before hurrying out. I got caught up reading Firebird, by Mercedes Lackey, and took longer to get downstairs than I planned. At least it was a nice day when I left, sunny if chilly and very windy. 

Work was busy almost the entire afternoon. People wanted to get out before it gets windier and cold later this weekend. Some folks weren't in the best of moods, and someone spilled blueberries and didn't tell me. The lady who came in after them told me, and a bagger and I had to clean up the mess. At least my relief was on time. I was able to pick up a Clearly Canadian and a big container of trail mix for a snack at home.

Took the long way home down Nicholson Road, crossing at WaWa and Ritz Theater this time. By this point, the wind was even stronger, it was much colder, and clouds were in and out. Surprisingly, while Nicholson was fairly busy, especially around the mall entrance, the White Horse Pike was quiet. Had no trouble crossing whatsoever. 

Once I finally got in, I went straight upstairs, changed, and put my purchases away. I wanted to dress the dolls, but while I knew where they and their clothes and shoes were, I couldn't for the life of me find the box with their accessories, socks, stockings, and underwear. Something else that shouldn't have gone into storage. I really, really should have been more organized about moving and taken better charge of the whole thing.

At least I did get the dolls into their Easter and spring outfits. Molly's in her aqua Polka Dot Outfit with tights (since I can't find her socks). Sam gets her very pretty and grown-up limited edition Flower-Picking Dress and two-tone boots. Jessa wears her purple fruit-print Birthday Outfit and jelly sandals. Josefina is in her Feast Day Outfit with the ruffled camisa. (I'm afraid I can't find the gold embroidered shawl that goes with it.) Felicity also gets her Birthday Gown and floral "pinner" (pinafore). Ariel is in the Flower Girl Outfit from 2008 with Springfield Collection espadrilles and a white lace shrug from an Our Generation dress. Whitney's in a pastel polka-dotted dress I found on eBay that was listed as being for Molly, but its wide skirt makes it more appropriate for the 50's. 

Dressed the Cabbies for spring, too. They both get real little girl outfits repurposed for them. Dulcie's wearing a white dress with purple smocking and a ruffled collar. Carrie has a long-sleeved dotted red and white dress with a sewn on pinafore that has a strawberry print. I was even able to find a place for their little table and chairs. 

Watched the 2018 Disney Channel Freaky Friday as I worked. I go further into the most recent remake of the 1972 children's book at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Switched to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood as I finished with the dolls. "Daniel Gets a Shot" from Doctor Anna, but he's really nervous about it. His mother encourages him to distract himself by thinking of something happy. "A Stormy Day" makes puddles for Dan and O the Owl to splash in, but it also brings noisy and scary thunder. Mrs. Tiger once again encourages them to think of something happy to distract then from the noise.

Ran two Match Game '75 episodes as I gathered the dolls' things I could find and put them away, then set the dolls back up on their bench. Honored the late Johnny Brown from Good Times with the first one that had Richard doing his "Newkirk" Cockney accent from Hogan's Heroes to read a question about what Hogan and his boys would be shown on TV to torture them. There's also Charles' "Kissing Bandit" gags (including giving Trish Stewart a kiss), Marcia Wallace getting all her answers right for once, and not one, but two close and genuinely exciting games. 

Comedy writer Ann Elder and dancer Bobby Van joined in for an episode from a few weeks later. Bobby wondered how well he knew his feet when he was the only one who missed a question about what he did to his toes when they wouldn't behave during a performance. Brett gets to show off her lovely twenty-something daughter Leslie in the audience, the spitting image of her mother other than her reddish hair, and get into an argument with the woman behind the buzzer.

Returned to Disney Plus for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as I got organized and had dinner. Super Goof puts in his second appearance in "Super Goof's Super Puzzle." Puzzler Pete wants Goof, Pluto, and the mice to figure out his puzzles. If they do, they'll get a super special surprise. Goofy tries to use his super powers to save the day, but he ends up needing a little help from his friends and the Mystery Mouseke-tools.

Finished online after dinner and a shower with a second-season episode of Knight Rider, which can now be found for free on The Roku Channel, while I worked on my review. "Diamonds Aren't a Girl's Best Friend" when a model is found dead after a party. The police thinks it's a suicide, but her best friend Lauren considers it to be otherwise and hires the Foundation. Michael Knight poses as her former boyfriend to divert suspicion. 

There's a lot more going on behind the scenes at these shoots than it looks, and it all goes back to Lauren's crooked boss Bernie Mitchell (Cameron Mitchell) and the diamond jewelry the models wear for their shoots. It's not as fake as it looks. The models are used to smuggle them into the country. Michael brings in Devon to pose as a buyer to get the proof of the Mitchells' scheme. 

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