Thursday, March 03, 2022

Winds of March

Had a quick breakfast downstairs, then went through more boxes and bags in the bedroom while watching The Backyardigans. Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone are on a "Viking Voyage" to discover new countries. They think they're rough and tough, but they didn't count on contending with someone even tougher - Tasha the mer-hippo!

Went to PBS Kids for Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Daniel Tiger wishes his dad would go on an adventure with him, but Dan Sr. is busy taking care of his baby sister Margaret. Dan learns there's "Time for Daniel" when his parents remind him that even though Margaret needs a lot of attention, they still love him, too. He's upset again when Prince Wednesday comes over and wants to see Margaret instead of him. Dan reminds him that "There's Time for Daniel and Baby Too," and that he came over to play with him.

Threw on Bluey at Disney Plus while getting ready for work. "Hammerbarn" seems to be the Melbourne dog equivalent of Home Depot. Bluey and Bingo use the items their mother puts in the cart to create their own version of their family's garden while their dad buys a pizza oven. Bluey is upset that her garden isn't like her sister's. After an accident, her mother finally gets her to admit that sometimes, you need to appreciate what you have.

Had a quick vegetable soup lunch, then dashed off to work. Made it just in time...which was a good thing. We were once again busy on-and-off, this time simply due to those beginning of the month shoppers. We still don't have any help, either. I suspect a gorgeous day kept it from being even worse. Wind aside, it was too nice for shopping. 

Changed and threw on Match Game '77 when I got home. Soft-spoken comedian Dick Smothers joins Fannie Flagg and soap star Meg Bennet with the regulars here. We get some really interesting answers to a question about what the plastic surgeon who used to be a tailor put on the patient's nose and the Audience Match for "I Gotta __." 

Grabbed dinner, then went upstairs for Match Game PM. We open with an extremely laid-back and apathetic contestant who openly admitted  he disliked his life and frankly didn't seem to get the show or the questions. The panel was more game, including Brett and feisty Price Is Right model Holly Halstrom's reaction to the first answer for "__ Women." 

Finished the night online with Respect at Amazon Prime. I go further into this biography of Aretha Franklin starring Jennifer Hudson at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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