Thursday, March 17, 2022

No Luck of the Irish

Top o' the evenin' to ye! Started off my St. Patrick's Day with breakfast and a nice, steady shower. It was still coming down too hard at that point to ride my bike to work. Called for Uber; to my surprise, given the weather, they were there in under ten minutes. I got to work in more than enough time.

Work was on-and-off busy with people buying big cabbage and corned beef dinners...and other things, from some of the surprisingly big orders we had. Considering how grouchy and weird some people were (including my last customers of the day), I suspect quite a few folks went straight from Rexy's Bar across the street to shopping. After the last trio of men seemed to have a hard time figuring out their orders, I just barely got off in time.

Despite it being quarter of 3 and the rain having long since vanished, I had a hard time finding a ride home. It took me almost 10 minutes to get one...and over 20 minutes for them to arrive. At least the traffic wasn't that bad when he did finally appear. 

Went straight upstairs and changed while Tattletales ran. Amanda Blake and her animal-tamer husband Frank just barely won today over Milton Berle and his equally witty wife Ruth and Orson Bean and his wife Carolyn. Whammies abounded on Press Your Luck today, making the final winner come down to a well-thought-out pass by one of the guys. The lady he passed to lost piles of money to a Whammy, leaving him the winner with money and a set of luggage. 

Did some writing after the show ended. Patti (Deustch) Dee and Donald (Ross) Dum hide under an umbrella while the others figure it's time to move on. They're about to ask Patti and Donald about White King Gene when Patti complains to her husband that she just found her nice new rattle broken. She wants to go to battle with him over it. He agrees, but the others don't think it's such a terrific idea...

Didn't break until past 7 PM. The woman who originally invited me to dinner ended up canceling, thanks to a bad cold. I ate out of the fridge instead while watching Match Game PM. Towering Richard Kiel and diminutive Paul Williams provided quite a contrast in this episode. Gene took one look at Richard standing at his full 8 foot height and told him he could write anything he wanted! The contestants were equally odd, with one odd contestant who actually had the last name "Strange" and a lovely lady with beautiful and elaborate braids.

Finished the night online with Little Nellie Kelly, an Irish-themed vehicle for Judy Garland at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Switched to Disney Plus for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The gang hopes "Minnie's Rainbow" will lead to a pot of gold. Pete the Leprechaun doesn't want to share his gold and does his best to trip them up at every turn. 

There's a ton of vintage Looney Tunes on HBO Max, including "The Wearing of the Grin." Mickey's not the only one who has an encounter with a mischievous leprechaun. Porky Pig has his own trouble with the wee folk when they think he's after that pot of gold and sentence him to wear green shoes that dance on their own. He spends a surreal Irish nightmare trying to outrun those shoes, before they force  him to dance jigs forever! 

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