Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Waiting for the Rain

Kicked off the morning with a very quick breakfast of cereal and applesauce. While it was cloudy and cold again, it was also dry, without even a breeze. I was able to ride to work normally. 

My only bagging shift this week started out fairly well. I had no problems keeping up with the sweeping and carts until noon, when the rush hour came in. There were problems at the registers all day. Someone called out, and once again, they simply did not have enough help to handle everyone. Several people are on vacation, too, including two cashiers. We were less busy than lacking front end personnel. I ended up in a register for my last two hours, even though I still had sweeping to do and carts to gather, and the outside trash was overflowing. Someone did take over sweeping, but they never got the carts or the trash.

Rushed straight home the moment I could get out. Put on Match Game '77 while changing. Needless to say after the infamous "School Riot," judge and producer Ira Skutch really had to keep on his toes. Gene continued to be nervous...and Richard continued to be annoyed with Gene and Ira. Dick Martin is happier to talk about Sammy Davis Jr in the opening, while the others dig up some really interesting answers to "The Virgin __" in the Audience Match

Put on Match Game PM after dinner as I rearranged the shelves. Allen Ludden and Betty White made their last appearance on Match Game - and TV - together in 1980. Alas, the syndicated week is currently lost, but the PM episode exists. Gene and Brett discuss the gestation of the saying "up a river without a paddle" when Brett complains about her answer to a question of what Weird Willie brings when he goes to prison being rejected, while the others try to figure out "Can't Stop the ___" on the Audience Match. 

Finished the night online with Mystery Science Theater 3000. "Quest of the Delta Knights" is one of the few movies of the 90's that appeared on the show. It's your basic "medieval Star Wars with a touch of Willow," and frankly about a decade out of date. A young boy is sent on a quest to discover the treasures of Archimedes by a wizard (David Warner) who wants to protect them from an evil nobleman (Warner). After the wizard is killed by knights, the kid turns to no less than a young Leonardo DiVinci (David Kriegel) to help him find the treasure.

Fairly typical and mixed-up sword-and-sorcery movie is obviously cheap and filled with anachronisms (DiVinci was a figure of Renaissance Italy used in medieval England), but has some enjoyable action sequences. Nasty Pearl, who was in charge of the Gizmondo Institute, liked it enough to join Crow and Servo for the first 20 minutes or so of the film.

Moved to YouTube for The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Mrs. Muir wants her stingy landlord Claymore to do repair work around her seaside cottage. Captain Gregg buries maps around the property where she wants Claymore to work, sending him and her young son Johnathan on a "Treasure Hunt."  

(And while it showered lightly earlier in the day, the real rain didn't come until I was long settled down in front of my computer.) 

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