Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Lose That Long Face

Slept in so late today, Match Game '78 was on its second episode before I finally got going. Tab Hunter of Damn Yankees and Grease 2 and Marilu Henner of Taxi joined in here. Brett may have been nervous to answer "Shore __" in the Head-to-Head, but Tab was really nervous over a big match near the end!

Switched to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood as I cleaned up from brunch and got organized. Dan and the other kids in his class "Play Pretend" when they encourage literal-minded O the Owl to see a box as anything he wants it to be. Daniel plays "Super Daniel" as he and Grandpere walk to the Clock Factory to deliver Dan Sr's lunch.

Headed out to run a few errands around 1:30. Briefly stopped at the bank, then threaded through Collingswood back up to Oaklyn to hit Dollar General. My hands are really dry and badly cracking. I bought better lotion than the fancy-smelling stuff Amanda gave me. At least it was a nice day for a ride, too. While it continued to be windy and cold, it was also sunny, and the sun felt warm when you could get out of the wind.

Went straight online after I got home to make a few appointments. I did finally get through to Krisloff's Eye Associates for my first appointment with them since late February 2020. I doubt my eyes have changed much in two years. I really just need to order new glasses. I haven't gotten them in over a decade. My lenses are so thick and expensive, I couldn't afford them until the last year and a half or so. I couldn't figure out the online appointment system for South Jersey Radiology and got cut off by another call when I tried to call them. I'll get them at work tomorrow. 

The call that came through while I tried calling South Jersey Radiology was Dr. Sarah Gulick, the neuropsychiatrist assigned to me. I spent the next hour explaining my long and convoluted history of mental difficulties, going back to when my mother and teachers finally realized by 1987 how badly I was being bullied and how hard it was for me to socialize with the other kids. Hitting puberty at age 9 and the constant in and output of Coast Guard students who would befriend me, only to have to leave when their parents did, didn't help my feelings of isolation, self-loathing, and mistrust. My parents had problems with their own marriage at that point as well. 

I have a hard time concentrating, especially when I'm online. It's why I can barely write more than a few paragraphs, or even sentences, of my fanfics at a time and even my blogs take me forever to do. I'm too easily distracted. I'm also very sensitive to loud noises. I jump at cars backfiring and crashes below me. I can remember details of a movie from ages ago, but often not what I did at work earlier or names or faces. And I've always had problems with most forms of math. It just doesn't make sense to me. That's why I admire Lauren (and admired Dad-Bill) for being so good at it. Dad-Bill used to help me with my math homework when I was a kid.

After I got off with Dr. Gulick, I attempted some writing. The Red King lands on the giant raven, scattering the group. He finds Patti Dee and Donald Dum's quarreling even more annoying than Brett did and turns them into dolls. The others make their way back into the woods...as Brett finds a white shawl fluttering in the wind...

Listened to Match Game '77 while I worked. I'm a bit surprised that the Audience Match question "__ On It" in the first episode didn't inspire the contestant to call on Roz Kelly, who played Fonzie's girlfriend in a few episodes of Happy Days. A contestant from Bavaria inspired several German jokes in the second.

Went downstairs for a really yummy dinner, then came back up with chocolate to watch the Judy Garland version of A Star Is Born. I go further into the second version of the oft-told story of the woman whose career rises as her husband's falls at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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