Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Gummis, Cats, and Angels

Began the morning with a quick cornmeal mush and oranges breakfast downstairs, then came back to my rooms to make some headway in the closet. Yes, I found my lunch bag. Someone stuffed it into one of the record crates. I was so tired and upset Saturday night, I must have missed it. Moved the bin and boxes with doll clothes to the back room. They'll be going in the closet there. Pulled two more big boxes filled with smaller bags and items that should have gone into storage. I'll use the boxes to keep things I intend to put into storage; once I empty bins, I'll pack those. They'll fit better into the storage room.

Watched cartoons while I worked, starting with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. "Goofy's Super Wish" is to become a superhero, just like he is in the regular Disney comic book series. The rest of the gang help him find a cape and train to be...well, something like a hero, anyway. He is one in the eyes of Clarabelle when he has to fix her Super Moo Muffin Maker machine.

Tummi in The Adventures of the Gummi Bears doesn't need a cape or a wish to do heroic deeds. He ends up doing them whether he likes it or not in "Someday My Prints Will Come" when he finds a machine in an Ancient Gummi store room that makes dragon footprints. He can't figure out how to stop it, and the townspeople now think there's a dragon loose. There is...but she's not at all what most people assume dragons are like. Cubbi asks "Can I Keep Him?" when he's able to control a water dragon with his whistle. They use the dragon and Cubbi's newfound power to keep Duke Igthorn off their backs.

Switched to The Roku Channel for The Cat In the Hat Knows a Lot About That. Nick and Sally need "Night Lights" when they want to make shadow puppets and their flashlight goes out. The Cat shows them how the lights from fireflies can work just as well. They're saying "Go Snails Go!" when snails Lewis and Clark take them on an exploration across Slippety-Goo. The kids try to follow them, learning how snails use their shells and slime to travel, protect themselves, and find food.

Let The Cat run as I changed and got ready for work. The kids dream of flying like a bird, but the Cat knows not all birds fly. That doesn't mean they don't have their own ways of getting around. He introduces Percy the Penguin, who has his own ways of winning a race with a seagull in "Flight of the Penguin." "Let's Go Fly a Kite" takes the Cat and the kids to the valley of Huff Puff McGuff, where there's plenty of wind for kite flying. As it turns out, the wind is too strong and blows the kite away. They have to make use of the wind to chase after it, and then to cool down.

Had a very quick lunch of vegetable soup and packed my lunch bag before rushing out. Work was off-and-on busy. Not only are we still at the beginning of the month, but it's Ash Wednesday. The Acme always has a huge seafood sale on the first day of Lent. People still aren't in the best moods, either. The WIC checks continue to be a problem. Wish New Jersey could figure out how to make these more universal. People should be able to get the same brands at all stores (store-exclusive brands aside), not some brands at one store and not another. And when are they starting those cards that were supposed to have been out in January?

Brittany e-mailed me earlier and send me a listing for another apartment when I said I really want a place of my own. That was nice of her, but I need to make more money first. That's why I couldn't find a place on my own before. Let me take six months to a year to get another job or a better job, take classes, and figure out what I'm doing.

Went through a bin of food. I could have the steel-cut oats for breakfast and get rid of those. No idea what I'm going to do with the soap and dishwashing liquid. Having my own paper towels and napkins up here might not be a bad idea, since I can eat upstairs. 

Watched an episode of Match Game PM on YouTube while I worked since I missed tonight's Buzzr showing. Seminal small-screen villainess Joan Collins gets to witness the first of two times Richard came up with an answer on the Audience Match Gene didn't think would be there. Richard's answer for "Burns and __" was "Burns and Cuts." Gene didn't think he would be right...but naturally, it was up there.

Finished the night after my shower with the first episode of Charlie's Angels after its TV movie premiere. Sabrina finds herself on a "Hellride" when an up-and-coming female car racer dies in a fiery crash and she has to replace her. Kelly poses as a groupie and Bosley and Jill a preacher and his flirtatious daughter to get the goods on her jealous rival, her rival's too-friendly boyfriend, and the sleazy owner of the racing ring. 

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